How E-Liquids May Benefit the Young

Vaporizing an electronic cigarette is a relatively new practice, but the idea of mixing vapor with a cigarette isn’t a new one. For centuries, tobacco has been smoked in a pipe, and it’s not a new idea to mix two substances that are meant to be consumed together. When you combine e-juice with a cigarette, however, it’s a whole new ballgame, and many vapers have jumped on the vaporware bandwagon.


But vapor isn’t quite the safe alternative many e- smokers hope for. Many vaporizers create a lot of waste, and they produce harmful chemicals as well. As with regular cigarettes, there are many health hazards associated with vapors, and many young people are finding that their new smoking habit is causing them a whole lot of trouble. While young people may be aware of the danger of smoking, few realize how dangerous vapors can be.

Most of the dangers of vapors come from the way that they are consumed. When you vaporize an e-liquid, you are inhaling what is known as reactiveant aerosols. These are highly toxic substances that can cause everything from irritation of the throat and lungs to cancer.

Reactiveant aerosol exposure has been linked to a number of cancers, including throat cancer and nasal cavities. Among teens, the risk is even greater. Nicotine, the substance found in cigarettes, is among the most dangerous substances there are, and it can easily seep into the blood stream through e-liquids. Unfortunately, teenagers are also very impressionable. And even if a parent tries to warn a teenager about the potential dangers of vapors, many young people simply don’t pay enough attention.

There are two major problems with smoking that we should all be aware of. The first is the damage to the lungs that can result from prolonged use. But the second is also just as important. The carcinogens found in e-liquids are thought to also have damaging effects on the skin, and this may explain why so many smokers turn to vapes as a replacement.

But while vapes may appeal to a sense of freedom and a craving for something that isn’t tobacco, there is another benefit of quitting smoking: namely, the sense of control that comes from being free of nicotine. This is perhaps the biggest incentive for people to give up cigarettes. When you realize that cigarettes can harm your health, and you want to quit, you have a powerful incentive to do so. E-liquids, in contrast, do not offer this incentive to stop smoking.

It’s true that there are many e-liquids on the market that are made to mimic regular cigarettes. Many of them do indeed look almost identical, and it might even be difficult to tell the difference. However, there is no doubt about the fact that they are bad for you. It is important for young people to understand the dangers of vaping before they head out into the real world.

If we want our young people to make the right choices about their health, we must help them understand the difference between vaporizers and regular cigarettes. Otherwise, they will continue down the wrong road and will discover for themselves just how bad smoking really is for your health. As the coordinator for an e-liquid counseling program at an abstinence program called Pure Calm Inc., I speak daily to teenagers and adults about the dangers of improper nicotine use. I’ve seen how cigarettes and other tobacco products can kill and help those who are trying to quit the dangerous habit to find the willpower and the strength to keep going.