dovpo box vv mods squonk vape basium 230w topside dual review

I received a light vapeciga squonk vape the purposes of this review cover.


Lite upper part color:


– Red

– Black

– money


Specifications and features:


– Material: Polycarbonate + PCTG

– Size: 97.5 x 58 x 28.2mm

– Battery: 18650/21700/20700 (not included)

– Temperature: 100-315 / 200-600 ??

– Display: 0.96 “OLED

– Input voltage: 3.2V-4.2V

– Output voltage: 0.8V -0.5V

– Resistance: 0.08ohm-3.50ohm

– Squonk standard mod mod or

– filling Top


In the frame:


– Lite Mod Topside DOVPO

– Battery Protection

– fixing sleeve battery

– Accessory Pack

– USB Cable

– User’s Guide


The vv mods show new upper side is very interesting, you can use it as Squonk mod and can also be used as a regular model. You can buy it in 3 different colors. The device is powered by a battery and runs up to 90W. Mod dimensions are 97.5 x 58 x 28.2mm.

Mod comes in a nice package and the package will receive the battery cover to use when you want to use as usual mod very good. Mod mainly plastic and is lightweight. build quality mod look good, everything is as it should be.


On the upper side of the mod you can see the connections and son here are good, gold plated pine. In this mod, you can use up to 26 mm diameter atomizers without a large overhang in my opinion. Connections are slightly elevated and syringes not scratch the top of the mod that I really like.


You can easily remove the back mod. Mod comes pre-installed with a battery cover having a Squonk bottle. This mod is designed for you to fill bottles and so you can easily fill bottles and very fast. At the top of the bottle you can see the hat that can really EasyDisconnect hat, you can see some details that help a lot here. When the cap is removed, you can be put at the bottom of the battery cover with the magnet. Under the cover, you can see two holes and big holes to fill, you will not have a problem with the bottle here. Since you can remove the back of the mod, you can easily wash your bottle without the bottle on the back of the mod. In this case, you want to take the bottle can do this by removing the two screws at the top. Capacity 10 ml bottle is really good. Bottle comfortable to use in my opinion. rear foot for this mod fixed part of the magnet and a very nice place, nothing special to play. If the back is removed and had liquid in the bottle if the bottle of liquid will not go pressed, because the valve here, very good in my opinion. To replace the rear of the mod simply unscrew the small tubes transporting fluids 510, it is easy to unscrew this section. When you take away everything you have to put the lid of the battery and use it as a regular model. You will receive the battery cover in the package was very good. So it can be used as a mod mod mod or Squonk as usual will be very appealing to many people.


This model is powered by a battery and can use 3 types of batteries here, so this mod is compatible with 21,700, 20,700 and 18,650 batteries. I think it is fine because I really use a larger battery. In this case, you do not have the battery 21700 20700 18650 or can be used with an adapter that will receive the pacakge. When the battery and when agitated mod that was not very good blow. From the top of the mod, you can see the USB port that can be used to charge the battery, but as usual, I recommend using an external charger to charge the battery.


In the front of the mod, you can see the shutter button, the screen and the plus and minus buttons. and photo button plus and minus buttons work very well so far. button very important shot dislocation.

In this device, we have the classic screen. The screen brightness is very good and you can see everything very well on the screen. The display of the power mode you can see:


– Vw

– baterije Indicators

– W

– A

– V

– Otpor grejaca


To dovpo basium squonk click in the mod must click on the button 5 times fire and should do the same to turn it off. This mod can be locked by pressing the shutter button three times and you have to do the same to unlock it. You can also block the plus and minus buttons to do this, you need to keep more buttons and less at the same time, you should do the same to unlock the keypad. To enter the menu, you must keep the shutter button and the minus button in the menu, you can see:


– Power

– Shortcut

– Temperature Ni

– temperature Ti

– Temperature Ss


– Statistics (meter / hour puff pastry)

– Exit


How do these devices work and my thoughts:


Side and top dovpo Lite is a mod that can be used as reagular mod and can also be used as Squonk mod and I belive many people will like. Mod is battery operated and works up to 90W. Mod plastic and everything is as it should be. Because this mod plastic is very light and some people will like it, some people will not. This is a mod if you use it as Squonk mod and when is a little more than compare mods I use it every day. shutter button and plus and minus buttons worked well it was very good. As usual mod also comfortable to use and conveniently mod Squonk especially if you want to press the shutter button with your thumb, because this way you can easily use the bottle.


So with all that said, I recommend this POD kit or not? I hate so hard or not, which is what I put in 50/50. My two biggest complaints is the second of three coils have a life of inferior quality. If lasted three good I would lean a little closer. The other is the paint job. Too bad. Ton and exploded. Not a horrible device, even if I had a lot of them were pretty solid overall, but no need to rush to buy. I will not add to me then a spreadsheet associated RECs please check if you are in the market for anything.


It was Anthony fried keep only honest, I hope you can all say the same thing and you get in the next revision.


rejection of products

This product was sent to me Dovpo


comments Disclaimer

Due to possible differences QC your experience may be different.


critical warning

I made a review from the end of 2016 freezer and made over 400 comments to date. I like to help vapers forum and contribute to the spray community. I’m not “out of the box” reviewer. I do my best to be full at any time and have considerable experience with many products say what is good and what is not. All modifications are tested with an oscilloscope and stress testing and the results are published in my opinion.

Using this as a mod dovpo 230w get code simple, easy to fill the bottle, no leakage, the bottle has a capacity of 10 ml and is easy to wash bottles. I also like what we have here valve prevents fluid out when the back of the MOD is released with the bottle. Not much to complain about here, I want a plastic that is not transparent and it would be nice bottle of reserves in the package are included. Mod works very well and there was no problem, I’m very happy with how it works. The screen brightness is very good and also has a way of working to use here. Mod compatible with the 21700, which was very good and a great professional in my opinion. back of the fixed place very nice mod that is important to me and there was no game. Basically, it’s very solid Squonk mod and want to use mods Squonk I can tell you is very simple and easy to use and also if desired, can use it as the usual mod is really nice option.


D-salt is a pen style AIO (all in one) Pod kit, which means no mod or a separate reservoir that can be used with other things. It has a replaceable pods for spare parts, but is sold separately and coils integrated into Caliburn as Renova or zero. Intelligent design is similar to the kit as GEMM freemax key DTL then most of the System monodosis a little larger than most, but I like the personal design. No adjustable air like most legumes so it’s not much but it nice when it comes to a choice. It has a standard capacity of 2 ml. Stored in the 1500mAh and is not adjustable output devices. It has a built USB charging with the level recorded 1A. I tested 2 times with USB line and meter the level of fees charged to the specifications .91A Max is as good level 1A appears fees. It was a total cost of about 1 hour and 45 minutes. In size the 1428-1439 mAh battery solid again with a note 1500mAh recorded. range quite well in certain dovpo. Passthrough vaping and most (cost passthrough while without pause) if u can hit while charging. Another interesting feature is that a standard of 510 drops in this way can use one tip itself, but as a suitable metal, including personnel.


The D-Dovpo salt is very well built, and a bit on the heavy side. I knew Cat black matte black body is a shiny metal parts bronze. It is a very nice and simple device, my only complaint is painting. Mine already has a lot of chips in only a few weeks of use. I can not imagine how it will be months from now. They have to do a better job in the paint. The pods are easy to install and remove. In an unthreaded tip blade 510 and just falls out the sheath. It is held in place by the top of the cover that is well done and has a good thread. fill pretty basic. It’s like a rubber stopper style in which only pop and fill pods.


The usage is quite simple. There are no buttons or adjustments or nothing. Just breathe fire. Pinhole LED low battery LED below the USB port. I wish it were easier to see when vaping so it’s the only time he has been active for the level of costs. LED is green to 3.95V to 3.65V or more to 3.95v blue and red 3.65V or less. the distance is generally good, but I hope you are not 4, but no big deal. pod, fortunately, delete and while it is fully enclosed in the battery is not good and juice large window that makes it easy to juice level is so great to see.


performance and details of the coil

The vapeciga topside dual mod comes with a 1 Pod is just sad. All kits should always include two coils / pods. I sent two more sold in one package. There is a coil selection for this kit is 0.5 ohms coils KA1 networks. I use all 50/50 and 60/40 nic juice salt 20 to 25 mg of nicotine. That said, they are all great flavorwise. These are the first level devices with interesting flavors definitely a little wider and tighter, but Caliburn then northward. He is a coward MTL draw. life of the coil, however, was below par. I can get 14 ml of 1 coil, but the other two only lasted me 6 ml. wrought in life it is complementary March 2 drums of them are good.



– with transparent plastic can for someone

– No bottle packaging




– light

– Compatible with 21,700, 20,700 and 18,650 batteries

– Can be used as a usual mod mod or Squonk

– comfortable to use

– The practical bottle

– Easy to wash bottles

– Easy to fill bottles

– 10 ml capacity

– It works very well as Squonk mod

– valve that prevents the liquid outlet when the back is removed

– Regular battery cover in the package

– Good display brightness

– Buttons and shutter button works well

– Back of fixed location very good mod


sourcemore thanks

You can buy a mod here: dovpo box

I can thanks for dovpo.

vaporesso coils gen swag target GTX One renova pods luxe mod review

Vapeciga mod gen the sheath flow adjustable air with a tie and the shutter button. But there’s no problem? Xros consider reviewing Vaporesso and discover.


This product was delivered to Vapresso kind of generosity in order to take the exam party. Other thoughts you will find below are mine and are not affected by the fact that this talent.


Please note that this article may contain affiliate links that help fund the vaporizer site Make ‘N’.



While promising a high vape and tasty pod Vaporesso Xros is elegant with three holes adjustable air flow. However, the market is flooded with spray type device capsule. Vaporesso Xros can stand out from the crowd? The important thing is that if problems arise during the examination of the POD Xros Vaporesso vaporizer devices.


The contents of the box

Vaporesso fill Xros

Xros Vaporesso 1x Battery

1x Vaporesso Xros 0.8Ω mesh sheath 2 ml

1x Vaporesso Xros 1.2Ω mesh sheath 2 ml

1x USB Cable C

1x user manual



Vaporesso container typical style, color and image reflects the range of colors selected for the starter kit pod Vaporesso Xros. In addition, the laminated picture fills most of the front. In addition to showing the front of the key elements of Vaporesso Xros as icons. While in the back it is the specification, content, logos government warnings corrector compliance and authenticity.


Removing the cover reveals an envelope containing the instruction manual. Low 0.8Ω together Vaporesso Xros POD preassembled with nets, sitting on a plastic insert. Common installation in the pod Xros 1.2Ω and C-USB cable.


manufacturing quality

Photo Vaoporesso Xros Blue Sky

vaporesso swag show new is not only easy to see. But it is equally easy to use. Although rounded edges remaining pod kit Xros especially square. Therefore, Vaporesso Xros may feel a little uncomfortable to hold.


Photos showing the finished painting Vaporesso Xros with green button LED displays

However, to obtain the degree of exterior color comprises a single housing, that a clear finish. But at the end of the painting looks like a sloppy paint job finish polished metal.


While Vaporesso Xros can pull Drawn, sounding the shutter button is perfectly positioned to take the thumb. In addition, the LED status indicator set shutter button bright enough. In the same way, when vaped, the status LEDs indicate the charge level.


Undoubtedly three drain holes Xros adjustable air is a good feature, which is easily adjustable thumb. But it can be accidentally covered by the index.


0.8Ω images mesh sheath Vaporesso Xros Pod Kit

Obviously PCTG 2 ml clear sheaths formed by either making it very easy to see the levels of e-liquid current, which is large. Despite the removal of the filler funnel may be a little in disorder. Due to a particularly strong magnet it is not suitable nail Xros thin with reassuring click.



Undoubtedly Vaporesso Xros perfect for carrying. Especially when Xros weighs 51g and dimensions of only 13 mm from front to back. Furthermore Xros is 112 mm high, with a width of 23 mm.



Undoubtedly this natural pods Vape offers few features, they tend not support a simple and easy experience vaporizer. However, it would be good to see the heating coil in the Vaporesso Xros function.


Battery use

Photos of the USB charging port for vaporesso target pro


With a battery capacity of 800 mAh internal battery good pod Vaporesso Xros kit of this size. In addition to the amount of time between charges it is very good and as expected for a device of this nature. Besides feeding 0.8Ω mesh POD 16W, which Xros can last about two days, depending on the use.


Of course, this makes it perfect to explode in shops, or additional injections of nicotine salt Nic Xros.


While many would be happy with the inclusion of a USB-C connector, said Xros 5V 1A charging speed.


In addition, charging and battery level LED shown in Xros before. When the red LED indicates the duration of 0-30% battery charging, blue LED indicates 30-70%. While green LED indicates 70-100% of the battery capacity is left.


In addition, if necessary with the Xros stop charging if a quick spray is needed, and continues to charge after the fire button was released.



Vaporesso photos pod Xros, the funnel is removed to expose the fill port

What is the important pod fill Xros easy Vaporesso and a bit uncomfortable. In addition to disclosing the reconstitution of the joint, I funnel must be removed, which can lead to leakage and-liquid packages fingers. Reconstitution However, once removed is easy to fill and suitable to replace the nozzle.



photograph showing airflow Vaporesso Xros

The important thing is the design of adjustable air flow 3-hole Vaporesso Xros, allowing easy adjustment. Regardless of restricting the flow of air remains smooth vape selected without turbulence. But while making automatic shooting is slightly delayed, less visible than others on the market. One point to note, Xros automatic dramatically improve air flow inhaled closed.


replacement spool

Undoubtedly the right sheath is easier to replace the spool. Also instead of removing the boot coil and then back into the coil, the sheath is simply removed and discarded. While the new recharge pod and let stand for 10-15 minutes.


Pod mesh Xros 0.8Ω

photo 0.8Ω mattress sheath sheath Vaporesso Xros Kit

time off for Xros 0.8Ω pod networks very quickly indeed tasty Vape products from scratch. fruit especially coming through very well with a wide variety of flavor profiles are generated. But when the weather is above 28C suffering coil 0.8Ω Xros floods. Generate e-liquid being sucked through and mouth. However flavor and throat hit 20mg Nic salt with one and a half wide open hole in controlling airflow.


Pod mesh Xros 1.2Ω

photo 1.2Ω mattress sheath sheath Vaporesso Xros Kit

Obviously pod Xros is 0.8Ω networks winner for taste. In addition Xros net pod 1.2Ω well vaporizer product. But not as tasty 0.8Ω mesh sheath. Also hit the throat with 20 mg Nic salt is almost nonexistent.



Powered by a variant of the chipset Vaporesso Axon which GTX One Vape Mod Get code sheath offers the following levels of protection.


LED Indication Protection

Low protection resistor 5 red flashing

short circuit protection. Also 5 Flashing Red

No load protection. Also 5 Flashing Red

Heavy-duty protection also 5 Flashing Red

low voltage protection 3 Blinking Red

Over load protection stops charging

Protection against shocks also 3 red flashing

automatic stop protection (8s) Red Flashing also 3


It is fair to say that Vaporesso Xros was a problem during the test. In addition to the problem of flooding 0.8Ω in the hot coil (28C). Therefore, to obtain e-liquid in the mouth when vaping. However, this did not stop once the climate cooled below 28 ° C.



While the market is saturated capsule-capsule “pen”. Vaporesso were able to differentiate themselves from the cloud with Xros kit sheath. Also adjustable air flow not only make a difference in taste, but also the number of blows to the throat. Furthermore, the resulting flavor with a large pod Xros network and 0.8Ω profiles produced some beautiful fruits including mango and peach.


Performance monitoring temperature

SS316 wire using TCR 92 (recording mode TCR and TCR set default mode and SS SS 105), I tested eight construction. 2 single towers single coil, double coil 2 single towers, two luxury construction of one coil and two luxury double coil construction. Personally, I feel good with a TCR of 92 and no adjustment is necessary. It supports the form of advice to the ECC demand, beta and the final version is very happy that no change there, because it works and works well. Seemed accurate enough for a hot vaporizer around 450ish properly allows plenty of room for customization whether to cool or heat vaporizer. You can also adjust the power of the road and the amount of watts. Very well done out there. Overall it is a great player I’ve come to expect from renova zero pods click in buy. accelerator is smooth and not pulsey. It is consistent, no pinches. Thus, no complaints either and generally a very good vaporizer in the CV mode is well done there.


Other usage notes

This mod using 5 Standard, click the fire button to turn on and off. It has 3 touch buttons for setting and menu button. touch pad is automatically locked when the fire and remain locked until you click three times to shoot were so great that way can not be established or press accidentally pressed. The menu system is extensive and well done as usual with vaporesso but this is the first major change to their old mods as betas luxury and professional poles and armor. Before using the drill in the drop-down menu to choose where the setting is selected. Now they are divided into 2 parts, one in which the program in your area DIY menu choice. It is very easy and intuitive. For me personally, I like the way the old best because I always atomizers I feedback of change and the need to adjust the parameters and this is another step in my time, but in normal use should not be done so you may the example SS TC TCR 92 and save steps when moving in both directions. So overall well done and steps should be simpler and less for the average user when his old menu system. the mod Sage Mode as expected is full to the brim with all the ways you can think of. Has its power mode (normal heat selection, hard and soft), TC Ni, Ti and SS while the TCR and TCR fashion adjustable (2 memories). You also have the VV mode to adjust the voltage mode and curve watts, volts, temperature control and the bypass. Basically, each mode of vaping never here. Also they include your super-player mode appears to be the only form of power but allows fire under 0.03 ohms and an automatic mode and they are intelligent, they are not really explain and personally I just let them and they do not Use them, use them to them.


Vapeciga luxe s mod gradually adjusted to 0.1 watts least 100 watts and 100 watts or more gradually completed. If you hold the adjustment has not been completely less than 100 watts and rolls and fast enough. Overall, well done there, and quick and easy to adjust, but I’m not a fan of adding 0.1 watts more than 20 watts. Modeling itself is built solid with no rattle at all, and has a nice weight where it is not heavy, not light. It feels good in the hand. The battery cover is standard magnet back plate and is easily accessible without damaging the battery casing and the socket (2) 18650. The crisis actually backplate without battery game and easily without the tape as polar mod . It is a thick iron door, but put a warning label to alert the discharged battery and protection of the plug If at work so well there too.


There was paint on either mod too. I do not know, I’d say a cat really is not like most of the painted metal. parts of the body are made of plastic material of good quality so thick felt a feeling of lightness, but not cheap. Of course


I made a vaporizer review since late 2016 and has performed over 300 user comments. I like vapers help forum and contribute to the community a great vaporizer. I’m not “off the beaten path” reviewer. I do my best to be complete at any time and have considerable experience with many products say what is good and what is not. All modifications are tested with an oscilloscope and the test voltage and the results are shown in my opinion.



You can buy here: vaporesso coils


Comment about uwell Caliburn KOKO nunchaku Pod amulet Crown 4

Well I received Caliburn KOKO of the purposes of this review.


The color of the Well:


– money

– Black

– blue

– Purple

– Red


– Size: 47.4mm x 32.5mm x 83.7mm

– Material: zinc alloy, stainless steel and PC

– Battery type: Double 18650/20700/21700

– Power range 5-200W

In the frame:


– Mangas battery (included in the battery compartment)

– Micro USB Cable

– User’s Guide

ver time, a lot produces about Crown 4 uwell. He survived freezing night in the woods after being lost and finally found me and the dog. I have to clean some ants in recharging RTA who sat in Corona 4, but the model has no damage. Of course, I checked everything, especially the battery after the incident. impressive quality construction Well here, this mod is in constant use, as you can see in the picture, but nothing bad Jumped with everything.

There is a small criticism wonder with him, however, it does not seem like a particular battery. I took all pairs VTC5 and 30Q are mine, but you will receive two pairs of Hg2 still use, but throw in the coming weeks. The battery works in all other mod my own, I do not know what causes here because I do not see the difference in size with a digital caliper. But since it was the only problem carnivores happy.

Now for the important stuff. How vape? It was supposed to be 4 options coils in all, I signed 3 as one of the four, who were listed as SS304 mesh coil seems to be so sure that this is something in the future or something that they would then n . “anyway I will focus on are available 3 options are, SS904L double coil 0.2ohm -. rated 70-80W, Ganda 0.4ohm SS904L coil – rated for 60-70W and 0.23ohm FeCrAl UN2 coil – qualified for 60- 70W. comes only two coils choice is 2 SS904 mesh coil selection and coil. however, because the popular mesh these days and is better ohms secondary tank (not repairable lol) have bought a packet network . reel to also try the other coil SS904 that can be used in the TC mode assuming you have a mod that’s good for her (note: not all mods with control works very well temperature) did a post on its use in TC mode here, but the short answer is a TCR specific value should be mod 85. started with 0.4 ohm coil SS904. deent was only good for the taste and the best in the range of 70-75 watts so ranking well in the coils and little underestimated because normally we are Well, but I prefer many large companies on their reels. life is pretty good too, I met with 90 ml before his death. This is a bonus can be used on CT, but unfashionable who want to use the TC in the tank coil precast much better there. Then mesh coil i purchased separately. I found the best around 70-75 watts than the other coil so that once again a bit underrated, but good overall score. The taste is very good for a 70-watt coil mesh. Quite similar, but not as good as the coil uwell amulet networks 60-65 watts so the same range. This is an advantage if the tank has a capacity of 6 ml of 2 ml capacity and not as thus less filling fireluke networks. Wise living again, I am so 90mls consistency on the reel. In general, a player who is very good with coil VAPE networks to 70 watts, and a viable option for TC with the coil without mesh.

nunchaku mod knowledge are powered by two batteries and this model works 5W – 200W. mod good build quality, everything seems right. In the MoD, you can see the back “Well” and in front of the mod, you can see “Evdilo”. This mod is compatible with two 21700 batteries were very good in my opinion. Since the model is powered by two batteries of 21700 size device are very good, the dimensions of this device is 47.4mm x 32.5mm x 83.7mm. I can say this is the most comfortable of all the comforts 21700 dual mods I’ve tried so far, the MoD is really convenient to use.

From the top you can see the mod connection placed in the center, the thread here is good and I had no problem, spring pin 510. Connections slightly raised here have plated a very good gold in my opinion, because the mod will not be removed from atomizers. This mod can use atomizers 30 mm in diameter without false which is really good.

Well 4 ohm secondary crown of the tank using standard tip 510 drops that can use your account to erase no adapters 810,510 mode only. Dripping Council does not have to be an O-ring as the friction adjustment does not work so be sure to select the 510 has its own signet ring it if you want to replace. You can also use 3 crown fine tips. Delrin is advanced with metal ring in black attached to the bottom. nice appearance and a little talent, but different from normal resin, we see today that some may like the simplicity and resin. All topics in this excellent tank. This is a very good reservoir built with good quality. coil system is pop style coil system as the third crown for slipping on the base. Just in his dressing room. It should be close to half empty tank in exchange coil. The airflow is 3 equally spaced large holes in the bottom. That’s a lot of air, easily done in Caliburn Pods. AFC is smooth and easy to adjust even the blessing of good mod for lumps in it and was at the top. Fill quite easily, so good size filling hole 4 and easy to fill with all kinds of bottles and can be poured into a glass bottle if you pay attention. The top of the stuffing with about 90 degrees to blow a great style, but with a crown 4 and the top and be a very slippery think even with blows cover part in it really difficult to manage and enter grave. It is because the largest and cover such time add a little texture to knurled to make it easier to understand. It is equipped with a tank capacity of 5 ml standard and the capacity of the reservoir bubble 6 ml.

You can enable and disable the device when the shutter button is clicked 5 times. When the device starts in power mode on the screen, you can see:


– Power

– W

– V

– Resistance

– hour

– The battery indicator


To change the working mode, you need to click 3 times on the shutter button and you can choose between supply and TCR mode. You can lock the device when you click the button and shot less and you can only block plus and minus buttons when you click the button and the shutter button.

My spirit:

Well so mod Uwell Crown Pod  are very good in my opinion, the design is very good. Since this mod is compatible with 21700 battery, I can say that this mod is very convenient to use, more comfortable with mod 21,700 batteries in my opinion. In this mod, you can use up to 30 mm diameter atomizers are very good. I love connections are a bit high and because the fire button mod rock and buttons will not scratch more and less are good, so far no problems. We have all kinds of USB c here that could be a disadvantage for someone. The screen is very nice and you can see everything that is good on the screen. The battery cover is good but there is a small game that could be a disadvantage for someone. This mod is compatible with 21,700, 20,700 and 18,650 batteries were really good in my opinion. I like to use a 21700 battery here. mod is not very good, so far have had no problems. If you like double mods 21,700 Of course, I would advise a model because it is really one of the best mods 21700 in my opinion, works very well and it was used really convenient.



– The battery cover has to play a little

– No c USB




– Good build quality

– I like the design and dimensions of the mod

– Convenient to use

– Compatible with 21,700, 20,700 and 18,650 batteries

– shot button plus and minus buttons that good

– Good display brightness

– Easy to replace the battery

– atomizing a diameter of 30 mm

– Easy to use

– Start a slightly elevated to prevent scratching the top of the MOD


You can buy here: uwell



vaporesso gen mod swag target gtx vape zero luxe review

I received a gene vaporesso gen mod the purposes of this review.


color genes Vaporesso:


– dark blue

– Black

– Green black

– black purple

– Black red

– Gold

– money


Specifications and features:


– Dimensions: 93.5 x 53 x 27mm

– Display: 0.91 “OLED screen

– Battery: 2×18650 (not included)

– Power Range: 5-220W

– Charging Current: 2.5A

– Resistance Range: 0:03 ~ 5O


– The new chipset Axon

– 2.5A fast charging system

ECO mode Power and DIY –

– innovative mode and pulse mode TC SMART


In the frame:



– USB Cable

– User’s Guide

– User’s Guide


swag mod feeds two mod 18650 and work to 220W. set dimensions of 93.5 x 53 x 27 mm and can be said that the device is very convenient to use, especially since the rubber layer and rounded edges.

I really like the design of the MOD and I think it’s very good, this mod is available in several different colors are very nice. On one side of the mod, you can see “Vaporesso” on the other side you can see the logo and the background mod you can see the “Gen”. mod good build quality, there is nothing wrong with the quality mod here and very good resistance to scratching.


From the top you can see the connection mod more on a good connection and have had no problems. Here is a spring pin gold plated 510. As regards this mod is placed in the center and I believe that many want. In this mod, you can be used up to a diameter of 26 mm beautiful atomizers, aerosols used to use up to 25 mm diameter.


On one side of the mod, you can see the battery cover. The remains of the battery cover in place because the magnet and the battery cover is held in place perfectly, there is nothing to play very well. At the top of the battery, you can view the location and you will use this slot to release the battery cover with your fingernail. If the battery cover is removed, you can see the battery orientation recorded and can easily put the battery into the mod and you can almost easy to take the battery. Under the battery cover, you can see the sculpture “Chip Axon” and “Designed by Vaporesso”. When the battery is put into the mod and when the device is shaken can not hear the tinkling very good.


From the front of the vaporesso target , you can see the shutter button also menu buttons and less and you can see the screen and USB.

In this device, the USB port is used for software updates, but you can also use this device to recharge the batteries is compatible with balanced load, but as always, I recommend that you charge your batteries in an external charger.

Fire button fires prominent and dislocation, it runs smoothly, the buttons and buttons work fine too dislocation.


To activate it you must click 5 times the shutter button, you must do the same to activate the mod out.


When the screen is turned on, you can see:


– The battery indicator

– coil resistance

– Time puff

– W

– process


To enter the menu, you must hold down the menu button or click 3 times on the menu button.

From the menu, you can see:


– Pulse Mode

– Green energy

– TC Intelligent

– DIY Fashion

– Game system

– Exit


If you choose the DIY way you can see:


– Vw

– Vt

– Vv


– Shortcut

– Sp


If you choose sets the system, you can see:


– against blow

– Brightness

– Intelligent vw

– Behind the screen

– Auto eco

– default

– Version: when


At the click 3 times on the shot button locks the keys, but you will be able to use the shutter button to open the buttons you need to do the same. When you hold down the menu button and fire, you can see the version of the software, tokens and serial number.


How do these devices work and my thoughts:


So gtx vape comes in several colors very good very good in my opinion. mod good build quality and everything is as it should be, and rubber coating is resistant to scratches. In my opinion mod easy to use, but remember that this mod is slightly higher, rounded edges and I like the feel of a mod.




The pods open with the press and the sliding system that works quite well, disposable sheaths so you do not worry about wear this. I guess means PTF push system to complete the work as long as you do not pay more fluid at a time. 10ml bottle filling including having stiff ends to make a mess free filling is even easier and should give all the work.


MTL: MTL Pod tried first because, as usual with MTL, he hit me, so I wanted in the first form. 1.3 Ω Coil CCELL beautiful and more pleasant work than I expected. The taste was acceptable to MTL guess, not level kayfun but fun at least.


He does not have a problem when the chain vaping is subject almost always with MTL. I use the juice 50/50 60/40 PG / VG 10 mg vaporesso zero salt and the coil is still good after 15 ml, so a good performance was IMO.


DTL: Red 0.6Ω Pod and I had a pretty bad start filling the capsule with my juice of 2 mg usual and wait half an hour to give a soaked cotton. I believe, because the coil is very low and there is a mesh, cotton should be well packed in there. I was right, I started the second power level and while he has no problem with little, but not much flavor. I raised my power level and increases the small things, but not enough. The culprit here is full of cotton. Once two teeth vaped 2 ml will be much better. And it’s getting better with the next recharge 2 to the point where I do not think the same coil.


I vaped about 30 ml through the coil mesh and flavor begin to decrease slowly now. That damn impressive and reminds me of the old coil secondary reservoir Kang, also need two tanks to break, but after they could last forever.


The only complaint with DTL Pod belongs drip tip diameter is too small to attract DTL real. It is directly affected lung, but not limited DTL, which is sad because they feel a greater flow of air entering the coil, but advanced drip acts as a bottleneck.

Button and shoot the other buttons work very well and had no problems. In this mod, you can use a 26 mm diameter atomizers which for me is more than anything. This connection is raised slightly to the right. Mod small screen and someone like that is not yet on the screen, we have all the information we need and remember that you can adjust the brightness, I can say that you can see everything very well the screen. Mod balanced load support, but as I always recommend charging the batteries in an external charger.

This mod is not complicated to use and supports several operating modes, personally I like the way vv work, but perhaps many would like another way of working here. I also really like the choice of shoes screen.

Gen mod works very well, I use my Sprayers dl Mtl am here and I want to use the vw preheating mode with normal work and the use of vv fashion so far have had no problems.

Therefore, the more vaporesso luxe good mod gene that runs smoothly, the build quality is good, that supports multiple operating modes and in my opinion, the design of good mod.


The inconvenients:


– Someone may not like the color of fire button




– Good build quality

– Choice of colors

– Panel remains very good in places without playing any

– I love design

– You can adjust the screen brightness

– You can flip the screen

– Keep zero

– Convenient to use

– Button worked well

– Easy to use

– The percentage battery indicator

– atomizers to 26mm

– Operating mode

– Balanced Load

– Mod worked well

thanks Buybest

You can buy it here: Vaporesso


The comment about uwell pods koko Nunchaku Caliburn watch crown 4 tank

Well Uwell koko is the latest producer of the popular Well vaporizer.

Did very well by tanks during the last 2-3 years (except for Valyrian) and even make a good kit with nunchaku kit, but it has been popular since the original crown, always she thought it was excessive. The original Caliburn is still one of the best systems on the market as well glove. The Caliburn Koko is simple small square, “Mi-Pod” capsule type AIO with peas and built-in rechargeable 520mAh and breathe fire. Available in four shades of gray, black, red and blue. Elementvape they have in stock in the United States of all colors in 37.95 and 13.95 for a pack of four pods to spare so good also the price point.

Specifications of the manufacturer:
Battery capacity: 520 mAh
Size: 67mm x 43mm x 12mm
Net weight: 33 g
maximum power of 11 W
vape mechanism is actuated to provide more convenient.
charging station, profitable use.
Compact and portable.
Coil / Details Pod (2 selection)
Pods juice 2 ml capacity
pod coil resistance: 1.2ohm
construction cover food grade plastic
Top dual port filling – Drip Tip Top Cap
It is supplied in packs of four (4)
Caliburn crossed staples compatible with 1.4 ohms
Included in the box:
1 x system pod Caliburn KOKO
2 x 1.2Ω Caliburn pod KOKO
Micro USB cable 1 ×
User Manual 1 x
1 x Collier

The uwell watch comes with two large pods. All kits should always include two coils / pods. There is only one choice of coils is 1.2 ohm coils. No wire material specification or a good bit. But you can also use Caliburn 1.4 Ohms teeth, which turned out to be great too. Use both modules included. I use all 50/50 and 60/40 nic juice salt 20 to 25 mg of nicotine. The draw is the solid MTL. It is not super hard but not too loose. A little tighter then most of the pod I tried. Flavorwise has the flavor was nice. This level in a way some of the best flavors of the sheath can offer today. Very similar and the reader just push, maybe a little better than Caliburn pods. He also tried to thin chain vaping and low power in watts means do not use a lot of juice. Wise coil alive is quite impressive. For such a device, generally I am looking 10ml, as a minimum requirement, and all there is an advantage. For my first roll of 40ml I met him before his death lived silly. I found the other coil 20 ml through it and still works well, so yes very impressed by the life of the coil. I also use Caliburn OG coil on it to make sure it works since I was using my Caliburn and buy more coils and works very well. Overall a great flavor and a good balance and a life of the coil and consistency.

The Uwell crown very well built, but also very light. Weighed shell 27G and 35G with full pod. They 33g are recorded with the empty case. Chat wise have a matte black, which is the body with bright koko logo on the side. I think that nice and simple, and does not show signs of wear eitherl. No complaints or wear paint. Pods attached to the battery and the magnetic system easy to get in and out and adjust so there is a very good job and fit well with any movement or play. To remove the sheath removed simply. The filling is very good and the best I’ve found on a boat. To comply remove the pod and pop out of drops tips are easy to make and faces two large holes filling, Thea majority large enough for a bottle good teeth into the hole and fill easily and vents. Then, when filled pop is dropped downstream. It is easy to complete.


The Caliburn is very well built, but also very light. Chat wise have a purple iris, which is a body with a blue matte base and pink top fades along with half purple. I think it looks good and shows no signs of wear good but I’m sure some prefer a more basic solid color they have as well. No complaints or wear paint. Pods attached to the battery and the magnetic system easy to get in and out and adjust so there is a very good job and fit well with any movement or play. To remove the sheath removed simply. The filling is very good and the best I’ve found on a boat. To comply remove the pod and pop out of drops tips are easy to make and faces two large holes filling, Thea majority large enough for a bottle good teeth into the hole and fill easily and vents. Then, when filled pop is dropped downstream. It is easy to complete.

colors (4 in total)
The average capacity of 2 ml
good quality battery
Natural beauty
right size for easy transport
a good note for the battery size
the cost is quite fast (60 minutes)
a great taste for monodosis system
Pods are easy to remove and install
easy to fill (a process that fills in a pod)
gateway vaping
LED battery meter is easy to see because it is still after stroke
Fireworks breathe fire
the lifespan of the battery is good enough
clove and clear juice windows
battery good enough meters
living large coil
2 teeth
OG Caliburn compatible with nails

window juice can be, I guess a little more
Additional steps in the counter of the battery would be
They must record the amount of expenditure

Nunchaku uwell simple elegant slim AIO (all in one) kit square pod, which means that no mod or a separate reservoir that can be used with other things.

The usage is quite simple. It is a device to breathe fire, but a fire button so you have two options. I personally never understood, but if the air sensor die can see that it is useful. I use it as a breath of fire most of the time. No mode or setting fire but you can click 5 times to turn on and off in the pocket. I have no problem with the air sensor at all or misfire. LED is in the center of the front under the fire button and light enough to see, but not really when vaping. U can suppress the fire to turn to see if your bill. When vaping color or press the shutter button lets you know the battery. Green means a total of 60%, the blue and red means a medium 30-60% 30% or less. Very good metro and fairly standard in most pods, but in step 4 would be fine, but it is still very delicate. capsule shell, but also clear cutting window and juice on either side so it is easy to see the level of your juice. The window could be a little bigger, but again I’m picky. It is also easy to get out and look. 2 of my biggest complaints about the visibility of the dark color of juice and had no windows and the juice of this device does not make mistakes, so I have to give credit.

So with all that said, I recommend this kit POD or not? I do not like as hard or not, and this I have to lean toward him pretty heavy. Honestly, I am against ticky tacky and quite definitely not all I can complain about this device. Everything worked as it should. They are the most important part, which is the right to life and the direction of the coil. They also handle most of the complaints I have with others, such as colored pods filling method, it is difficult to remove the pods, no juice etc.The Uwell crown 4 tank window remains one of the best in the teeth and cocoa market they are as good if not a little better. Great followed by a great device. I added to my CER below the associated spreadsheet, you can check if you are in the market for anything.

The usage is quite simple. There was only one fire breathing apparatus Caliburn is a big difference between that and Caliburn has a fire button and the two options. I have no problem with the air sensor at all or misfire. LED on the bottom before Pinhole and LED enough light to see, but not really when vaping.

critical warning

I made a vaporizer review since late 2016 and has performed over 400 user comments. I like vapers help forum and contribute to the community a great vaporizer. I’m not “off the beaten path” reviewer. I do my best to be complete at any time and have considerable experience with many products say what is good and what is not. All modifications are tested with an oscilloscope and the test voltage and the results are shown in my opinion.



You can buy here: uwell pods


vaporesso vapes gen swag mod pm80 gtx zero pod luxe kit review

vaporesso gen kit adjusted and GTX GTX 80W mod tank 22 for all ranges of coils. Delve But let us review GEN NANO for more.


This product has been delivered to Vapresso kind of generosity in order to stand the test side. Other thoughts you will find below are mine and are not affected by the fact that this talent.


Please note that this article may contain affiliate links, which helps fund the site vaporizer Make ‘N’.



While Vaporesso GTX A mainly for MTL vaping kit GEN NANO open more. In addition, the internal battery and tank mod GTX 80W 22mm, users now have access to higher ohm coils. As tasty 0.2Ω coil GTX. But if the tank is only VAPING DTL 22mm? What kit do? And find out more in this review of Vaporesso nano gene.


The contents of the box

Here’s a quick breakdown of what you can expect to see included in the kit Vaporesso gen nano.


Vaporesso fill GEN NANO

1x nano Vaporesso gene Mod

1x Vaporesso NANO GEN 22 Bubble Tanks 3.5 ml (TPD 2 ml)

1x GTX mesh coil 0.2Ω

1x GTX mesh coil 0.6Ω

Straight glass tubes 1x

1x Bag parts O-rings

1x Micro USB Type B

1x user manual



Vaporesso typical packaging style, the color of the packaging and image reflects the color options selected for vaporesso swag mod. Although the test sample packing color 22mm tank does not correspond to the color selection is closed. But in the final version will match the color. However the image before rolling kit NANO GEN occupies most of the space. While the side showing the main elements of Vaporesso GEN NANO as icons. Also on the back are the specifications, content, logos compliance warnings from the government and authenticity checker.


Removing the cover reveals that Vaporesso GEN NANO mesh coil 0.2Ω tank and pre-installed, seated on a plastic inlay. Although not included in the sample examination, glass replacement and replacement O-ring is seated next to mod and reservoirs. Also under the inlay it is a USB type B GTX Micro Mesh coil 0.6Ω and manual.


manufacturing quality


Undoubtedly Vaporesso search GEN NANO smart and light kit. More dimpled gripping side panel coated with rubber is excellent, while the color gradient in accordance with the rest of the plastic mod.


While Vaporesso GEN NANO with e-liquid weighs 140.6g full tank, mod remain firmly in hand. But while I’m on the set withstand daily use. But because of the nature of the plastic, special care should be taken not to drop the nano gene.


The important thing is the side mounted Micro USB Type B port located on the side of making the load and control the easy level.



Naturally, as a model that is formed from a larger part of the dashboard it is nice and clean. Although the use of three buttons to operate the menu, in my opinion is not necessary and does not promote the end user experience. However, all that sensitive keys and sound.



In addition, easy to read LCD screen with clear display. However, the design of the screen is slightly narrower and smaller readings can be difficult for people with vision problems eye.


510 connector


While holding tank happy vaporesso pm80 22 mm, 510 plates are not perfectly center. Therefore, more than 23 mm overlap on one side. The important thing is a good cut of the thread and smooth, with a core pin 510 provides a good level of rigidity. This gives some confidence in the long-term use. In addition, the center pin appeared to throw around 2-3 mm, which is good to see.


GTX 22 Tank


Visual Vaporesso GTX 22 Finished containers with a similar tone red mod. This is important because it is an example of a test, the towers of white gold logo Vaporesso cream to match the mark in the Ministry of Defense. Although it was clean-cut features many knurled adjustment assistance and withdrawal.


The important thing is threading cut on the top cover and base wire without problems. While the ring control air flow with a clean cut that the air inflow slips, but remains firm in its position.



NANO GEN Vaporesso dimensions with a tank equipped with 115mm above carriers from the base to the upper end of the mod dropwise. On the other hand, mod GEN NANO is 24.2mm 40.3mm wide and deep from front to back.



Nano Gen Vaporesso is illuminated for five, click the button indigenous fire. In addition to pressing the shutter button quickly three times to nano block gene. Prevent accidental changing of settings. To unlock repeat the process.


Of course, hold the button to open the additional menu settings menu. This allows the user to change the mode NANO GEN vaporizer. But to go and save the changes to the menu button is used instead of the shutter button.




As we have faster access to the different modes it is now the menu. Once in the setup menu, you have access to a variety of modes available in vaporizer Vaporesso nano gene. In addition, no restrictions on output power mode as watts.


Pulse mode – Default

Although it has been designed to optimize the experience of Vape for power pulse output. Therefore, in theory, maintain the temperature for a perfect experience vaporizer. But the effect on vaporizer is barely noticeable.


Eco energy

It designed to shoot automatically when the battery drops below 40%, and can withstand the current power. Although this does not increase the battery life slightly, depending on the coil at a cost to taste.


intelligent TC

Without a way to control the temperature probably as vaping World Marmite, you like it or not. However, when the coil of stainless steel, titanium or nickel is detected. The gtx mods can be configured to automatically switch to the temperature control mode.


DIY fashion

DIY way Vaporesso NANO GEN vaporizer is the most common way.


VW – Variable Watt soft, normal, high

VW so the initial force is adjustable. For example, if you want vaporizer to produce faster and hotter start and again in the power play by default, the H Sea which is chosen mode is selected, the mode set remains watts 0.5 watts increments.


VV – variable voltage

As a methodology similar VW, while watts are used to control the output. Instead voltage it is used as an output of the power control method and not soft, normal or elevated option.


CCW – Custom Power Curve

At the same as in that mode selection of sweet high power, normal or. However, with the use of time, the adjustment can be made adjustable watt. In addition, each rod curve watts and 0.5 watts s hard for each specified user. Allowing a more personalized experience. For example, if you wish, you can have nano Vaporesso gene on and off both really anymore. Furthermore, it can produce finer mod linear curve fits perfectly coil and flavor profile E-liquid.



One way to protected mode mech mod. In addition, the coil receives the electrical output of the battery voltage.


Super player mode

Not to Vaper experienced. Furthermore, the Super player mode opens allowable range of the resistance coil. Besides 5Ω 0.15Ω resistance range it should be used by the CRT, or RDA tank mounted zero vape pod.


entire system

Throughout the nano gen system Vaporesso various menu options to provide such as screen brightness, the screen orientation and more. In addition, the choice of the system is smart mode setting variable Watt strange place.


Smart VW – Intelligent Variable watt

Undoubtedly VW intelligent fashion seems to produce slightly warmer vaporizer, regardless of the setting.


Battery use


While Vaporesso GEN nano features 2000 mAh internal battery, battery economy is good and as expected with the indoor coil. Of course, the battery life is shorter when a coil is used 0.2Ω GTX around 50W. However, with 0.2Ω coil, one can expect about 160-180 puffs between charges.


2A 5V determined load through a USB cable connector type B Micro. But I get Vaporesso GEN NANO for a fee to 5.12V 1.33A, which was disappointing.


However Vaporesso GEN NANO good feature is the approximate charging time. Below animated icons and current battery level. On the other hand, if any stop charging GEN NANO one quick spray if needed. Then he continues to fill again after the shutter button is released.




Although the method of removing the filler cap on top and the whole deposit super easy in vaporesso luxe kit. However, it can be messy and would like to see either the rear or bayonet style by pressing the top cover. Especially in times of unscrewing the cap, the reservoir can start unscrewing. Therefore, the tank must be tightened as mod. This can cause the tank to be securely screwed to the device, and it is difficult to remove. However the advantages of removing the top cover is that each size of e-liquid bottle can be used.




While designing Vaporesso GTX tank airflow 22 is more suitable for DTL vaping. Even if the air flow can be closed to provide a much harder drainage, ideal for a variety of coil MTL. Apart from moving the position of the smooth air flow control ring, the remains of a smooth vape without turbulence.

Although the use of more traditional storage tank GTX Vaporesso 22 remains as easy to change as a sheath coil system Vaporesso. In addition to changing the coil remains the method of “Plug N Play” to enter. However, still can not change the coil with a large number of e-liquid is left. However, with the old reel, the new first coil put some e-liquid in the coil, and a lock lowering each hole is removed. Now the new coil will appear to the basket and fill if necessary. In addition to leaving the reel stand for a while to ensure that suitable saturated. In general, I prefer to leave 10-15 minutes, then the vaporizer.



You can buy here: vaporesso vapes


The comment of Uwell pod caliburn Nunchaku 2 Amulet Vape Crown IV

I received a caliburn uwell the purposes of this review.

Nunchaku 2 colors:

– blue
– Black
– money
– iridescent



– Size: 29.9 mm x 100 mm
– Material: stainless steel, polycarbonate
– Battery Type: 18650/20700/21700 individual cells (not included)
– Power Range: 5-100W
– Operating mode: electric mode, the TCR mode, fashion Mech
– Performance: 0.1-3ohm (VW); 0.1-1ohm (TC)
– Temperature: 100 ℃ -315 ℃ / 200 ℉ ℉ -600


1. powered by a single battery output 100W max 18650/20700/21700
2. Various operating modes: mode power mode TCR mode and Mech
3. PCBA is dustproof and moisture-proof, to effectively protect the device central unit
4. Chip has been equipped with various protection circuits to provide the stability, security and reliable performance
5. 6-axis operating experience new movement sensor
6. 5V / 2A fast charge, reducing the cost of the time
7. Available in 4 colors: silver, blue, black, colorful

In the frame:

– Good nunchaku 2 Mod
– 18650 Arm
– Micro USB Cable
– User’s guide

Caliburn Pod is an improved version of the previous model. The design of this device is similar and I like it because this mod is very comfortable to use and I really like the tube mods. good building quality mod, feels like a very dense morning. This mod, can be used up to 26 mm diameter no more outgoing atomizers for me. the previous model is only compatible with the 18650 batteries, but they changed it and is compatible with a larger battery that is really good. Because of this mod is compatible with a larger battery is slightly larger than the previous bite. shutter button is very nice and convenient to use and remember than previous models E every day, I have no problem with the shutter button, I belive that also will be very good in the future. The sensors have here works very well and you really get used quickly and once you do, you will be able to customize quickly and smoothly. This mod mod is very simple to use than many people would like. Furthermore, it was very good that this board mod dust and moisture resistant. So far, this model works well and remember how long I was using his model before belive that I use for a long time without any problems.

The second vaporizer pen watt mod fashion Uwell Crown IV is great. Watt performance mode is consistent and direct fire immediately. The fact that it takes 21700 batteries is what is needed from good to excellent. I can use to 65W for more than a day before having to recharge my batteries and can expect the same.

I could do without tilt adjustment. I would have preferred an adjustment knob to change the setting is more complex than it should be. It was not bad, but it’s harder than it should be and takes more time and effort.

The 0.20ohm coil is pre-installed so that I started. They taste good, but it feels “wet”. Many clouds coil 65W, but can even be pushed all the way to 80W without adverse effects. It’s too hot for me vaporizer 80W good. Unfortunately, this coil drain on me and I could not use it for more than a few days. I not impressed.

Crown vape very well. The screen of this device is small, but the brightness of the screen is very good and you can see the information on the screen without any problems.

As you can see, we have no buttons and less, but we have a sensor to be used here.

In addition, the board of this device is dust-proof and moisture proof is really good.


To activate it you must click 5 times on the fire button to turn off the mod you have to do the same.

When the screen is turned on, you can see:


– W

– process

– coil resistance

– The battery indicator


To enter the menu you must click 3 times on the shutter button and the enter the menu, you will see:


– Supply Mode

– TCR Fashion

– Mech Fashion

– Factory settings

Amulet Vape allows you to adjust the energy in the CV mode. Again, the inclination of their power of choice (60-65W work better with the coil SS316L) and press the button to select the fire.


Finally, adjusting the TCR. SS316L to include the coil can not reach VAPE in usual.00088-0,00094 arrangements SS316L and had to go to 0.00100 to get to work.


Mod for tilting Whatever the configuration change, but still prefer a good command of age. Sometimes oblique shift too much and you tilt the other way and back. It’s just sometimes hard to choose the right power / temperature without last move. On the positive side, once I found my perfect watts there is no need to keep fit.

Uwell Nunchaku 2 is an improved version of the previous model nunchaku. This device comes in 4 different colors and designs of this mod is the same as before. Personally, I really like the design of this mod and nunchaku is very convenient to use if you like the tube mods.

mod build quality is very good and I felt very good in the hand. You can see some details about the Ministry of Defense, you can see the “nunchaku Well 2” and under the battery cover, you can see the “nunchaku Well 2” and its website. This mod works 5-100w mods and mod work with the media. Nunchaku 2 supports 21,700, 20,700 and 18,650 batteries were really good.



– The build quality is good

– atomizers diameter 26 mm

– good fire button

– sensors work well

– Easy to use

– comfortable to use

– Topics well

– Compatible with 21,700, 20,700, 18,650 batteries

– good screen brightness

– The board is dustproof and moisture-proof

– Given the quality of the painting of the previous model, I can tell a good painting

– No scrap when shaken mod





sourcemore thanks

You can drink here Uwell pod :


What is a Vaporizer or Vape?

What is a  <a href=””>lost vape paranormal 250c</a href>   Vaporizer or Vape?

Vaporizers are specialized devices <a href=””>vandy vape pa hreflse da hrefal</a href>  produced to loosening up natural items to introduce their energetic aspects.

Vaporizers make use of power or butane gas  <a href=””>vape mod box</a href>  as a resource of power to warm your plant problem to temperature level degrees noted right here dropping. At these  <a href=””>small vape mods</a href> temperature level degree degrees, the energised components such as cannabinoids, terpenoids, flavonoids, <a href=””>how to make yoa hrefr own vape ja hrefice</a href>  together with furthermore various other valuable compounds are launched without establishing tar or smoke.

E-cigarettes along with mods for e-juices, in addition to all kind of marijuana vaporizers, are called \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \’vaporizers \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \’ or \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \’vapes \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \’.

Well, if you think about the Oxford or Cambridge basic synonym choice gizmo, Vaping or vape \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \’is using e-cigarettes or numerous various other devices that enable you take in pure nicotine or countless various other drugs as vapor, rather than smoke. \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \’ The term had in fact took place so suggested, that in 2014, Vape \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \’ was called as words of the year by the Oxford Criterion standard synonym substitute device.

In this message, we \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \’ll concentrate mostly on weed vaporizers.

vaporesso gen swag kit vape target pm80 GTX zero pods luxe mod review

swag kit vape is a target received Vaporesso the purposes of this review.


Vaporesso focus is colored PM80:


– blue

– Red

– Purple

– Black

– Green

– money




– Size: 121.3mm x 24.8mm x 33.8mm

– Display: OLED 0.91inch

– Capacity: 4 ml / 2 ml

– load: 2A

– Output power: 5-80w

– Battery: 18650


In the frame:


– PM80 objective device VAPORESSO


– GTX mesh coil 0.2Ω

– GTX mesh coil 0.6Ω

– 2 x Airflow silicon earbud

– USB Cable

– User’s Guide

– Warranty card

– Reminder Card


Objective vaporesso gen is a device that can be used for MTL and DTL vaping. You can buy these devices in 6 different colors, which is good for me. The device is powered by a battery 650 and operates 18 5-80w. the dimensions of the device are 121.3mm x 24.8mm x 33.8mm and an earlier version of the device feels good in the hand and is also very convenient to use. construction of the device quality is very good, everything is as it should be and there was no rattle. In a device on one side, you can see the “target Vaporesso PM80 SE”. Surely a package in the package, 4 air flow records, two balls and two coils that are really good you will receive.


Therefore, in the package, you receive two were cartridges very good because you can carry always with you both cartridges and can have other liquid in the cartridge or you can use a cartridge for MTL and one for vaping DTL, you can also send in this case breaks the first, very good. The cartridges are held in place with magnets and magnets is excellent, perfect cartridge stays inside. This unit is compatible with the cartridge PM80 nice. From the top of the cartridge, you can see the funnel and I think it is convenient to use. cartridge capacity is very good capacity of 4 ml. From the bottom of the cartridge can be seen when you pull the plug and socket you can see the fill hole. You can fill the cartridge with the gorilla bottle without any problems. In this cartridge, you can also change the background of the coil, all you need do is remove one and put one on the other. So you can pretty easy to change the reels here. Because entries must be said that when a coil is used for the first time, you must prepare the coil with a few drops of liquid E and after that can be placed in the coil and fill the cartridge. Generally, you will receive two coils, will receive a net 0.2ohm coil and recommended for this power 45-60w coil, also in the package, you will receive a network 0.6ohm coil, the coil is recommended to 20-30W.


From the top of the camera, you can see the slot inside the magnet and can see the connection here. Also on the upper side of the mod you can see the three holes on each side of the airstream. Generally, you receive the flow of air 4 takes and you can adjust the airflow. In the device, you can see the USB port can be used to charge the battery, the device supports Charing 2A. The device is powered by a battery and can be 18,650 view battery door at the bottom of the Vaporesso GTX . As for the battery cover it works well and when placed in the battery when the device is shaken no noise. In front of the camera, you can see the shutter button, the screen and the plus and minus buttons. shutter button is highlighted and so far it works very well, plus and minus buttons are also very good. In this device, the screen is 0.96inch and we are not a color screen that some people like and someone does not like, screen brightness anyway is very nice and you can see everything on the ‘screen. This device can be used 5-80w.


To activate it you must click 5 times on the fire button and turn it off, you must do the same. When the screen is on, you’ll see:


– The percentage battery indicator

– process

– coil resistance

– against the coup

– W

– Best

– hojaldre time (when the shutter button pressed)


To enter the menu, you have to keep the plus and minus buttons, and the enter the menu, you can see:


– Intelligent vw

– Vw

– Vv

– default

– Exit


In this device, we can use this mode vv know a lot of people, and the way they work here vw smart and when this mode is used, the device automatically adjusts the power of the coil has joined the work.

You can lock the device when you click 3 times on the shutter button, you should do the same to unlock the device. When you lock your device can vape but you can not use the plus and minus buttons.

When the shutter button and press the button again to return to the screen.


My spirit:


Therefore, the orientation vaporesso target pm80 is available in 6 different colors. The design of this device is very good in my opinion, the same as the previous version and the build quality is good and no complaints, everything is as it should be and not hear the noise when placed on the battery. The same as the objectives of the previous version PM80 comfortable to use and feels good in the hand. This package is very good, ultimately, get more with another device, you will receive 4 air flow records, two balls and two coils that are truly amazing. Embudo comfortable to use, but you can not use another drip tip here will be a disadvantage for someone. Capacity 4 ml is a good capacity for this device. You can refill the cartridge without any problems with the gorillas and bottles cartridge remains perfectly in place. The display here is different and not a color display as in the previous versions, but the screen brightness is good and can see everything on the screen. In this unit, you can adjust the airflow out of the box, which can be very uncomfortable, but it’s a favor we can adjust the airflow. We can stop the flow of air from one side or both sides, you can also cut the sheet and include only one or two holes, if desired. There are many completely open flow of air and when air flow stops when in fact, you may have the opportunity to MTL very enjoyable. With this device, you receive two rollers and the device is compatible with many rollers. For these devices, you can buy a great RBA head. Therefore, this device is compatible with the network coil 0.2ohm, networks coil, the coil 0.6ohm networks, networks of the coil, the coil and the coil RBA 1.2ohm. As I said in a previous post I tried many coils with this device and I can say that the coils are very good. MTL coil is also very good in my opinion. It’s great that you can buy or MTL coil DTL for this device and therefore the device will appeal to beginners. Tastefully prefabricated prefabricated coil and absolutely brilliant. Build the head of the RBA is very simple and remember that this is a starter kit for beginners can use prefabricated coil and after learning how to build and save money RBA really good. Season coil RBA was also very good and the air flow into the hole of the coil is about 2 mm, which can be used to limit or DTL Mtl RBA vaping, perosanlly to use this coil to limit vaping DTL. I think this is another very good and easy zero pods device use, many coils are available and you can now use the 18650 battery which was great, me personally the device.




– Do not use more drip tips

– No c USB




– Choice of colors

– Good build quality

– comfortable device

– 18650

– 4 doses air flow inside the package

– Two coils in the package

– Two cartridges in the package

– 4 ml capacity

– easy to fill

– cartridge nice stay in place

– good screen brightness

– shot button plus and minus buttons that good

– operation Vv

– Intelligent Mode vw

– The good taste

– Can be used as device DTL or MTL

– head RBA


Materials felt good. Its construction mainly of certain metals, zinc tin alloy, but is mentioned nowhere PM80 revise some time. Section type resin applied correctly in the car, but did not provide a better grip.


Shutter button is in place. Shot button quite small, but placed just below the curve inward so that one of the comfortable.


upper magnetic unit is connected to the nacelle and connectors sheath fits comfortably. It was my favorite pod filling system, as in Podstick, drag the pod, press the down filling holes and filling. Do not fill the background, it is not necessary to take the car. The weakness of the system is the need to fill the bottle has a hard tip for pressing and filling. Unfortunately vaporesso luxe mod not add a special bottle to fill as they do with Podstick as super helpful.


No leakage of mass, once filled when a soft tip such flooding around the capsule in the device, but the device safely. Pod important capacity especially if a sheath is used as MTL. sheath material too dark to see the liquid and the sheath are on the device, check the fluid level necessary for me to make a pod, is not much, but it’s worth mentioning. Runoff peak with a cigarette as a pleasing shape and drip edges, especially for MTL.


Not much to operate wise than that of I on / off, switch between watts and vaping level. This is why I believe PM30 is a misnomer, what should P30 or Podstick V2. LED button fire around the light is totally visible under the direct light of the sun is difficult to see though. The device is very sensitive when the rise time.


The disadvantage of this kit is that no adjustment of airflow, you need to spray on who you get. MTL coil in the types of impressions of cigarettes, is not as strong as I want, but it’s beautiful. RDTL coil for me to be a bit limited, but


coils deployed, there are 3 reels in this kit; common round wire coil 1.2ohm 8-12w (MTL) 0.8ohm 12-20w net coil (RDTL) and 0.6ohm 20-30W net coil (RDTL).


thanks Vaporesso

You can buy Vaporesso kit here:


IJOY Captain Mercury JUPITER Pod Shogun Diamond review

I received an IJOY Captain for the purposes of this review.



Ai IJOY pod system are available in various colors:


– Red

– Black

– blue




– Size: 28 x 13 x 90.5mm

– liquid E Capacity: 2 ml

– Battery capacity: 450 mAh

– Resistance: 1.6ohm

– Watt: 15W (max)

– Charging time: 45 minutes

– Charge Ports: micro USB




  • IWEPAL chipset to ensure a stable output
  • Some protection for high performance
  • The indicator light for easy operation
  • Battery capacity 450mAh
  • liquid 2 ml capacity
  • Can fill different flavor e-juice


In the frame:


– AI module

– longe

– USB Cable

– User’s Guide


AI system IJOY Mercury sheath for use with a liquid high and nicotine, molten salt nic. Monodosis system which is a very small device, I can say that this is one of the smallest I have ever tasted. The device is also very light, perfect for the pod system. You can buy this device in three different colors, I received a black and looks good in my opinion. The colors are very beautiful, it has a matte finish and feels good in the hand. As I said, it is very light, but still seems to have a very good quality and is aluminum. In the package, you will get a nice bead carry the device around your neck if you will, so I believe someone like this together, it was very nice to see that in the package.


Let’s start from the cartridge when you receive your device will be in the lower part of the tape cartridge to prevent this device to turn on and protection of the funnel, which is good. Embudo well, it was comfortable and I can not say anything bad about the funnel, for me it was good. Cartridge is a lovely place and there was no magnet, but still very nice and there is no possibility that the cartridge may fall. Slot on the device you can see two nights Nights and make the cartridge in a very crowded place.

The bottom of the cartridge has no connection, there is also a place where the cartridge can be filled with a liquid and there is a hole for air flow. Therefore, the bottom is a rubber stopper is needed to fill the cartridge. Liquid holes is ideal for pod system and will not have problems as possible, I use bottled gorilla and I have no problem with that. It is very easy to fill the cartridge simply remove the rubber stopper with liquid filler E and replace the cap. capacity of 2 ml of the cartridge, which is good and most of the sheath system has a capacity of 2 ml, if you use saline NIC should be on this device, which can easily last all day because you can not be liquid vaporizer chain high nic. The size of the airflow hole is 1.5 mm x 2.5 mm below. You can expect condensation to form, but this is normal, you can not be cleaned once a day and you’ll be fine. In any coil cartridge with a 1.6ohm resistor.


This unit has a beautiful color and feels good in the hand, the device can see AI recorded and that’s basically all, this device is very clean. From the top of the device there is a slot where the cartridge is placed and you can see the connections of a gold plated spring here. From the bottom of the camera, you can see the USB port and you can see the two screws. In the device, you can be seen two drain holes to salt air, one on one side and the other hole on the other side, through the air hole is the hole in the cartridge and then to the coil.

On the device, you can also see the LEDs. No fire button activates AI pod automatically when Vape, whenever VAPE light will be green. When the cartridge is removed or when you put in the slot, a green light will be in devive, if there is a short circuit, the LED blinks three times.


This device has a built-in battery with 450 mAh capacity, capacity that is good for the pod system is very low. When the battery is empty the light flashes 10 times, and the camera turns off when the device in the charger, you will see a red light when the battery is fully charged, you will see a green light. Charging time for this unit is 45 minutes.


Use of the product:


First, I want to say once again that it is a very compact, suitable for stealth vaporizer, which is easy to use and can be handheld wherever you go, you can use the cable packing and take. The battery capacity is good in my opinion and I think a battery that will last all day with a middle course IJOY JUPITER Pod. The device of airflow is good, the flow of inlet air through the two holes in the device, and then turned to the coil through holes cartridge (hole size of 1, 5 mm x 2.5 mm). Not very attractive strict, but not loose, it’s something in between, you can have a decent mtl dl and can spray spray, but very, very tight, almost impossible, which is very good for MTL device. He hits the throat is very good, very good steam productuction for the sheath system. Personally, I like MTL tight tie, but I can say that the air flow here should be good for most mtl vapers. I’ve only found two drawbacks for this camera, I want a more cartridge in the package and want to see the battery indicator. Basically, this unit works as it should, so I can not complain and would recommend.



– Only one cartridge in the package, there must be two

– The battery indicator will be fun




– a small device

– It works well

– 450mAh battery

– Good build quality

– good color quality

– Traka

– It’s easy to fill the cartridge


To move, you will use more and less button and enter the submenu, use the shutter button. In the power mode, heat can be adjusted before and can be chosen to fresh, normal and hard preheating. If you choose regular pre heat still provide warmth before and will go to the point of power. It could be a disadvantage for some people, so quickly, but the fire, which could be a disadvantage for someone who wants to use it without her.

If you select a pod, which is here to adjust the power output in volts, which is a very good choice and I like, can adjsut between 2.5V-3.8V that.

If you choose the LED on the menu, you can choose the color of the LED lights and you can choose between the mode of red, green, blue, white, colorful voice. The sound mode is an interesting choice of light. So if you want your LED lights mod, you can play with and choose what seems best for you, if you do not like, you can always disable the selection of LED lights.

Then comes the TC mode, here is an IN, IT, SS, M1, M2. Next TCR menu and is the preferred game. Then you can restore breath against this device blows remembered even when the battery is removed, but a counter is reset when puff puffs 9999 is pressed. You can also set a screen, so you have several options, 30, 60, 90, 120 s. Finally, you can do here is to enable or disable the voice command. Given that the voice command is the main feature of this mod, I will write IJOY Shogun voice here. Anyway, the voice control function can be very interesting for someone. So when you want to use the voice command to say “Hello IJOY” and you will see a microphone at the bottom of the screen. Here we have a sound control in the previous protest.


I not used this option, but it may interest you. I tried cource and works well, but if this option is used, must be in a quiet environment, otherwise do not understand.

It can also lock the device by simultaneously pressing more and less buttons, similar to the release.


How mod baby avenger:


Let me start with the battery, the new battery, I can not find much information about the battery, battery, said 25A and 1400mAh. Because I want to IJOY Diamond more than dl MTL, I tested the battery with the 1.15ohm coil 12w, average 2.5-3s blow. This means about 460 flashes to indicate when mod indicates that the battery is empty.

the build quality of the model is good, works well and I use it every day without any problem, all you can interrupt a normal person hot pre cousin if a shot is set regularly before your new give a warm and I hope fixing him with updates,

better voice control, which is great if you want to control the use of sound, can be useful for you. lights here, have also led, one would like LED lights, not a person, but can be disabled if they do not like.



You can buy IJOY here: