Advantages of choosing Vape

Why choose Ijoy Vape? Where is the advantage? So what is the charm of Vape that makes many people fall in love with it? Today we will take a closer look and see what advantages Vape has.

Why choose Vape? No carcinogen, healthier

Vape is a non-combustible electronic atomization device that uses advanced microelectronic technology and physical atomization technology to atomize the diluent of nicotine extracted from tobacco into smoke, which humanizes the entire process of smoking. The main components of the Vape E-liquid are VG (vegetable glycerin), PG (food grade propylene glycol), food grade spices, nicotine (optionally added) and water. VG and PG are commonly used food additives and are not harmful to the human body. Moreover, Vape has no combustion process, so it does not produce tar and second-hand smoke, thus eliminating many carcinogens in traditional tobacco. The British Ministry of Health has issued a research report that proves that Vape is 95% less harmful than combustible cigarettes.

Why choose Vape? No second-hand smoke

The smoke produced by Vape is actually water vapor, which disappears into the air in a few seconds. Vape does not have a burning process, and does not produce tar and other substances like cigarettes, so for people around the smoker, there is no problem of second-hand smoke.

Why choose Vape? Smokeless smell

People who smoke all year round will carry a strong smell of smoke. This smell will permeate your clothes, hair and even home items. This smell is a disaster for non-smokers, presumably many smokers Because of the smell of smoke, I have received dislikes from lovers and children. Vape does not emit a disgusting snuff smell, and now there are a variety of refreshing liquids such as fruit, mint, ice cream, etc. Vape will produce an aromatic and sweet taste, and it can quickly evaporate and disappear. in the air.

Why choose Vape? Can’t yellow teeth

The most important substances that cause teeth to turn yellow and produce tooth stains are the tar and other components produced by combustion. Vape has no combustion process, and the main components of Vape liquid are VG (vegetable glycerin), PG (food grade propylene glycol), food grade flavor and water. The smoke produced by Vape is mainly the atomization process of liquid components, so there is no possibility of teeth turning yellow.

Why choose Vape? No open flame, no soot

Vape has no combustion process, so it will not produce soot or cigarette butts like cigarettes, which is more environmentally friendly. Vape does not need to be burned, so there will be no fire problems caused by open flames.

Why choose Vape? No bad breath

Smoking itself will produce an unpleasant odor, which will naturally adhere to the teeth and oral mucosa. The longer you smoke, the stronger the odor. Vape is vapor smoke produced by evaporation, which can quickly dissipate, so using Vape will not cause bad breath.

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