3 Ways to Promote Your E-Liquid Business

The vape Shop is a wonderful concept that is taking the country by storm. I am a big proponent of technology and especially electronic gadgets and equipment. It’s very convenient to be able to order a custom blend of your favorite flavoring and then have it delivered right to your door or place of work or play. This is especially important to me as an avid Vaper, otherwise known as a “joy smoke” as I often refer to my friends. Vaporizing allows you to enjoy your vapor products wherever you may be, so long as you are close to a power outlet.

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Many people are joining the new e-commerce revolution known as “Social Media” in order to promote and market their business and product. The concept of having your own “bell” is very appealing to many, which is why the vapor industry is booming. The Vapor Shop can utilize this concept to set itself apart from the rest of the competition and create a social media presence unique only to them. They can also leverage on one of the most powerful forces in our society: Facebook.

The “friendship” aspect of social networking websites such as Facebook and Twitter, makes for a great way for the Vapor Shop to market their shops. These sites are free for all users and allow you to create pages for your product or service. If you have a Facebook page already set up, you can invite friends and family to “like” your page to share the news with their contacts. If you don’t have a Facebook page, you can always create one for your Vapor Shop using the official Facebook setup page. In no time at all, you will see how many followers or friends your Facebook page has.

Another way for the Vapor Shop to expand their brand and fan base through social media is to leverage the power of YouTube. The video sharing site has millions of active users and offers a great opportunity for e-cigarette manufacturers to reach out to potential customers through video marketing. As a rule, e-cigs are not used to sell cigarettes to non-smokers. However, with YouTube, small businesses can create videos related to their products and post them on the site, thereby getting free video exposure.

One of the reasons why so many people are turning to e-liquid or personal vaporizers to smoke cigarettes, is because they are healthier than traditional cigarettes. But what about those who are still trying to kick the habit? For these folks, there is a new way to take their nicotine fix; by buying vaporizers and other e-liquid products from vapor distributors. Many of which are operated by Vapor Shop owners, who are able to make sales and build customer bases through this venue. These owners may be experienced in the selling of e-liquid or may know of other local shops that offer this type of product, but for those who do not, they too can benefit by making local ads in newspapers and posting on message boards related to the e-juices.

Another way that a business owner may advertise his or her e-liquid business is to utilize a small business credit card. These cards are specifically designed for businesses that generate a large volume of sales and may help speed up the turn-around time on orders. When using a credit card for advertising, the cost should be kept as low as possible, since the credit card company will charge a regular interest rate, plus a small processing fee for every order placed. Although the upfront costs are higher than a bank or other financial institution, the small business credit card companies generally have very reasonable late payment fees and no prepayment penalties. In most states, the laws regarding small business credit cards are quite different, so it’s important to conduct research prior to applying.

A third option for advertising for an e-juice shop would be to use traditional, bricks and mortar advertising venues. While there are a lot of advantages to advertising on the internet, the cost can be very high. Also, because e-juice smokers aren’t used to seeing or being around real cigarettes, they may not be receptive to the idea of a cigarette advertisement. Some shop owners who are trying to sell cigarettes or e-cigs to people who are trying to quit smoking can find themselves at a disadvantage when they introduce e-cigs into their markets. Also, smokers who want to get away from cigarettes, may not be interested in trying to smoke an e-cig.

It’s also very difficult to make money in the vaporizer industry, because customers aren’t used to receiving free stuff. When you’re talking about an e-juice business, it’s imperative that the vendor provides value for the customer. Otherwise, the customer will be more likely to go somewhere else. If the vendor doesn’t have anything good to offer, the quit smoking cigarettes might not even be worth the price of the product. As long as the vendor is offering something of real value, then the quit smoking cigarettes are likely to be sold.