The Dangers of Vapor From Electronic Cigarettes


The Dangers of Vapor From Electronic Cigarettes

An electronic tobacco device is a small electronic device which mimics tobacco smoking in appearance. It usually includes a rechargeable battery, an ionic generator like a car battery, and a tank or tube for storing the solution like a liquid nicotine solution. Rather than tobacco, the smoker inhales vapor instead. As such, utilizing an electronic tobacco is frequently referred to as “e-smoking”.

There are two main concerns with quitting smoking by vaporizing instead of smoking cigarettes. The first concern is that by doing so, one is in essence, duplicating the effects of smoking cigarettes. By breathing in vapor, one is taking in the same dangerous chemicals and toxins as cigarettes without actually realizing it. Also, since many of these vaporizing devices mimic cigarettes, there is a greater chance that one will start smoking again through the continued use of the product. While the newer products have a much higher success rate at helping smokers quit, they also do not help non-smokers quit.

The second major concern with Vaping is that it has resulted in a new wave of youth smoking. Many younger people begin smoking at a very young age. As a result, these young people have grown up with no real alternative to the “real thing” other than cigarettes. Vaporizing allows young people to use this product without having to obtain cigarettes from elsewhere. Additionally, because they do not need to obtain cigarettes, they then are much less likely to develop a smoking addiction over time.

Many argue that while it may be true that e cigarettes do not contain nicotine, they do contain addicting agents. Specifically, e smokes have an extremely high concentration of propylene glycol, also known as “propolene,” which is similar to the ingredient found in rat antifreeze. Propylene glycol can cause vomiting, nausea, dizziness and even memory loss in extreme cases. This ingredient is typically used to make wicks and cartridges for the cigarettes. One study demonstrated that children who smoked regularly were more likely to have severe vomiting after taking propylene glycol on a regular basis. In addition, recent studies have indicated that young people who were exposed to high levels of nicotine through the cigarettes had significantly higher levels of suicidal ideation than those who did not smoke.

On top of the potential dangers of vapor, there is also a danger that is not often discussed. It has been demonstrated that e cigarettes contain harmful chemicals. These chemicals may enter the lungs via the vapor that is produced by the device. In fact, studies have shown that electronic cigarettes contain more tar and nicotine than cigarettes. While many claim that vapor doesn’t contain harmful chemicals, recent tests have shown that vapor does contain some toxic substances.

These toxic chemicals are known as carcinogens, which increase your chances of getting cancer. Some of the chemicals contained in vapor are also suspected of being responsible for causing cancer in animals. This is especially alarming considering the fact that cannabis has never been proven to be carcinogenic in humans. A recent study conducted in China, which relied on tissue samples from vegetarians, showed that the cigarettes contained three times more chemicals that are suspected of leading to cancer compared to cigarettes.

One of the problems with vapor from electronic cigarettes is that they do not last very long. This means that you will have to keep replacing the battery-powered device. This can be extremely hazardous if you are using a second-hand unit. Since there is no guideline to regulate the quality of second-hand electronic cigarettes, you must take extreme caution when purchasing a new one. Make sure that it is a well-known brand that has a good customer feedback and is manufactured in a way that will not harm you or your family.

If you want to decrease the dangers of e smokes, it is important that you avoid flavored versions of cigarettes. The flavors in flavored e smokes can actually be quite harmful to your health because some of them have the same toxins and carcinogens found in tar-filled cigarettes. Instead of getting addicted to these harmful flavors, try substituting them with less addicting flavors such as fruit flavors. There are also several water-based flavors that do not contain harmful ingredients. Start vaping instead of smoking and enjoy the numerous benefits that this alternative has to offer.