Geekvape aegis boost review

I received boost aegis Geekvape the purpose of this review.


Aegis Pod System Starter Kit:


– Gunmetal

– Black Space

– Aura shine

– Red Devil

– blue Almighty


Description and features:


– Dimensions: 106.8 x 39.2 x 27.7mm

– Material: zinc alloy, leather and silicone

– Battery capacity: 1500mAh

– Watt Output Range: 5-40W

– Output Voltage Range: 1.0-6.0V

– Speed ​​of firing: 0.08s

– Max power: 40W

– Coil: MESH

– Charge Micro USB port

– Load current: 5V / 1.5A

– Charging Methods: easy access charge

– Air flow: easy access to the air flow valve

– waterproof, shockproof and dustproof for a long life

– 2 / 3.7ml e-juice large capacity for continuous vaping experience

– Portable Size with a sleek, minimalist design

– Fully compatible with the Pod and RDTA

– With the two coils are designed for vaping experience MTL and DTL

– stain-resistant, corrosion resistant and tear resistant

– Some of protection to safeguard a secure and stable vaping






In the box:


– improve the Aegis

– 2 x coil

– USB cable

– Coil Tool

– User’s Guide

– slippery Pointe

– to promote and guarantee card


GeekVape Aegis Boost Vape Pod System. Since this device is the shadow of the series, the device is resistant to water, shock and dust, building quality of this device is very good as expected. It is a device with a screen and 5-40w work. Boost is available in 5 different colors are very good. In the package, you will receive two rollers, two ends at the tip of the hat drops and drips very well. The design of this device is really good in my opinion, it is small and easy to pocket. On one side of the device you can see engraved “Geekvape squonk mod kit” and the other side you can see engraved “Aegis”.

Let me start with the cartridge, the device comes with a cartridge and with this unit, you can not change the coil. At the top you can see the tip of the cartridge drops in the package, you’ll receive two very good drip advice, the two extreme drops in my opinion, convenient to use. These devices are not comfortable with 510 drip tips to be a drawback for some, but in my opinion, the transmission of packet drops tips to stay comfortable and enjoyable. cartridge excellent capacity of 3.7 ml, given the size of the unit. In the cartridge, you can see the fill hole and fill the hole with nothing in retail cans fill holes need to take to fill the cartridge. Cartridges are very much in place and the unit is not equipped with a magnet. At the back of the cartridge you can see the part you need to push to release the cartridge. On one side you can see the cartridge slot and the airflow in this device can regulate the airflow is really good.
From the bottom of the cartridge, you can change the coil and in the package, get the tools you use to remove the coil. With this tool, you can easily remove the coil, then just press on the other side. With this device receives two coils, one coil in the cartridge and the other on the package. Receiving coil cartridge is the driving force and power 25-33w 0.4ohm coils are recommended for this coil. Roller receiving coil box is recommended pulse with electricity 15-25W andd 0.6ohm resistance for this coil. As usual, I said to begin when the coil is used in the first place, should be primed with a few drops of liquid E and prevent stroke burns. This unit is compatible with the cartridge RDTA very good because you can create your own coil and save money, RDTA cartridges have not tried, but it was a very good choice.
From the top you can see the mod slots for cartridges and connections and as I said cartridge stays perfectly in place.
This device has an integrated battery and a battery capacity of 1500mAh which is really good considering the size of this unit. On one side of the camera, you can see that you use the USB port to charge the battery.
In front of the mod, you can see the fire button, the screen and plus and minus buttons.
fire button a familiar form, it is clicky and it works fine with no problems. Plus and minus buttons as well and without any problems. This device is a small screen and on the screen, we have all the information we need.

Trun on the device, you need to click 5 times on the fire button, you must do the same to turn it off. When you turn the power on screen, you can see:


– against Puff

– Coil Resistance

– The battery indicator

– W



To lock the plus and minus buttons you need to hold the plus and minus buttons together and you must do the same to unlock the keypad. When the keypad is locked, you can still use the fire button and you can VAPE. When you hold the fire button and the minus button you can reset the breath against.

A protective device:


– Over discharge

– Short Circuit Protection

– Output Current

– Protection against overload



How these devices work and my thoughts:

Thus, mod pod shadow of the car is very well built, this device is waterproof, dustproof and shockproof. build quality of this device is really good. good color choice, and in my opinion, the design of this model is really good, I really like this device looks like another shadow mods. Aegis is the impulse comfortable to use and the device is small and light and because these devices are pocket friendly. With this device in the package you will receive two drip tips are great, but not compatible with 510 drip tips that cheat. Capacity carrtridge really good in my opinion, given the size of this unit. You can change the coil is very easy here and the great thing is that you can buy RDTA cartridge. You can refill the cartridge without any problems. Cartridge holder firmly in place and you can easily remove the cartridge by pressing the back. fire button and the plus and minus buttons either and provided that all the buttons work properly. Built in battery has a capacity of 1500mAh which is good considering the size of this unit. I really like this camera has the screen because you can see all the information we need.
coil package works great, I really like coil 0.4ohm, I want to use for 26W and flavor with this coil is good enough. This device works well, there is nothing I can complain. In this device, you can adjust the air flow and excellent features airlfow you can adjust smoothly.
So I can say that the momentum can be the best auspices pod mod I have tried so far, he has everything he needs to have the mod pod, to use as convenient and media cartridge of RDTA and waterproof, dustproof and shockproof.

The inconvenients:


– It is compatible with 510 drip tips








– Good build quality

– Waterproof

– shock

– anti dust

– Choice of colors

– Two tips flowed in the package

– drip cap peak drop in package

– Two coils in the package

– Cartridge RDTA

– Capacity 3.7 ml

– the fire button and the plus and minus buttons work well

– Convenient to use

– Small and light

– Good taste

– Airflow adjustment

– No leakage

– Easy to fill

– 1500mAh

– screen

– Easy to change the coil




thank you Geekvape

You can buy it here: boost Aegis

Page FB: Geekvape


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