Is Vaping Harmful to Your Health?


Is Vaping Harmful to Your Health?

It seems as though the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) have decided to regulate the vapor from the smokes. Why does the FDA feel the need to regulate the vapor from a product that does not have nicotine? There are a number of reasons, but the most common seems to be because the vapors from these products do not contain regulated nicotine. Not only does the FDA feel that it needs to regulate the liquid, they also feel that they need to regulate the flavorings used in the product. Since the smokers do not always know what they are inhaling, the FDA has determined that they do need this regulation so that consumers know exactly what they are inhaling.

A lot of vapor created from electronic cigarettes does not contain any nicotine and as long as the device is not plugged in, it will remain free from nicotine. Since the FDA feels that vapor created from an electronic cigarette is essentially the same as the actual liquid nicotine that you would drink from a bottle, they have grouped it under the classification of “Tobacco / Vapors”. This classification has caused a lot of issues for vapers, as they cannot enjoy the vapor produced from their electronic cigarettes if it is not strictly monitored. If the FDA decides to reclassify vapor created from an electronic cigarette under the category of tobacco / vapors, it could cause many more problems for vapers.

Even though the FDA has not officially named the substance in the classification as “tobacco”, they have chosen to call it “E-smoking” which is short for” Electronic Smoking”. Many studies show that the chemicals found in vapor from traditional cigarettes can cause many health problems including heart disease, lung cancer, asthma, stroke, and breathing problems. The FDA feels that these substances need to be removed from vaporizers.

Some scientists feel that the chemicals found in vapor from e cigarettes may affect memory and slow brain development in a child. They believe that the chemicals change the brain chemistry from “neurotransmitter” neutralizer to one that affects memory and behavior. Since children are still developing brain tissue, this will probably have the least affect on them.

The American Association of Public Health believes that the cigarettes should be banned completely because of all the bad press they have received over the years. They believe that vapor from electronic nicotine delivery systems do not contain any tar or toxic chemicals that contribute to a healthy lifestyle. They also argue that e smokers do not take into consideration that these products will be inhaled when they are not actively puffing on the product. This means that these products have the potential to poison people while they are not even aware of it.

A recent study conducted by the British Royal College of Psychiatrists claims that there may be links between the consumption of e cigarettes and the onset of psychosis. This is based upon a sample of three thousand people who smoked or were ex-smokers. The study did not find a direct relation between quitting smoking and the risk of developing a psychotic disorder. It did find that people who used e cigarettes regularly were more likely to develop tobacco-related illnesses like cancer and COPD.

If the above data is confirmed then it would mean that the public needs to be more careful about the substances that they choose to inhale. E cigarettes are just another addition to the long list of tobacco products that have been prohibited by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). While the FDA does not regulate cosmetics, perfume, chewing gum or toothpicks, they have placed restrictions upon tobacco in regards to both smoking and second hand smoking. They claim that all tobacco prevention products must contain at least some of the same ingredients that you find in traditional cigarettes.

The only problem with the above information is that many of cigarettes do not actually contain any nicotine. In fact, many of the flavors that are available contain fruit, nuts or herbal extracts and flavors that are more appealing to the eye than actual nicotine. In the end, if the cigarettes truly are a dangerous product, why are they still being sold? Perhaps the reason that so many people still choose to smoke these products is that they mimic the actual act of smoking – which may make the smoker think that the liquid itself is not causing them harm. At the very least, the use of the cigarettes may cause a great deal less harm to an individual than the real thing, but this remains to be seen in more detail.