Is Vape harmless?

This is just a self-deceiving statement. Strictly speaking, Vape only reduces certain harmful ingredients in real smoke, not completely harmless.

From the comparison chart, there are indeed fewer harmful substances in Vape, but nicotine still exists (nonsense, if not, who would smoke it?). Although there are nicotine-free e-liquids, they are obviously not very popular.

The discussion about nicotine has been around for many years, and it is the chief culprit of “cigarette addiction.” At the same time, there is evidence that it is related to the occurrence of diabetes, obesity, cardiovascular disease, respiratory system disease, digestive system disease, neurological disease, and even to the occurrence and development of cancer.

From this point of view alone kangboro, those manufacturers who advertise “harmless” should be fined because this is false publicity.

Let’s talk about it again in this unregulated market, mixed with dragons is the norm. The price of Vape sold on the market ranges from 50 yuan to 1500 yuan. Think about it, this is not a steam crave high-level technology. Isn’t the price gap the reason for the unevenness?

The fact is indeed the case. The nicotine content in those e-liquids or cartridges fluctuates greatly, and many of the products have higher nicotine content than real smoke.

You should know that the nicotine content of a real cigarette (about 1mg) can poison a mouse. For a child of 30kg, 24mg of nicotine has a fatal risk of poisoning.

Although we all know that cigarettes are smoked one bite at a time, continuous smoking is still harmful. Moreover, for the old smokers, if they smoke Vape that exceeds the standard, let alone reduce their dependence on nicotine, they may increase their dependence…

Speaking of this, we have to talk about other ingredients. In fact, those ingredients are not bad in nature. For example, propylene glycol is a food additive approved by the FDA Dreamer mod, but there are not many studies on whether these ingredients are equally safe when inhaled into the lungs, so it is not too early to draw conclusions.

For the same reason, the e-liquids with various fragrances introduced by manufacturers also have this problem. The additives and fragrances in them may have health risks, and some even found harmful gases such as formaldehyde and acrolein.

Of course, these are all harmful to the person who smokes Adv Vape, and we have to look at “second-hand smoke.”

With your toes, you can know that whether you smoke real cigarettes or Vape, the exhaled air will contain nicotine. Although studies have shown that the content of nicotine in Vape is lower than real vivismoke, as long as there is nicotine in it, you should not smoke it in public. , Especially when there are children or pregnant women around.

Previously, a researcher did a controlled experiment in which volunteers who did not smoke stayed in a room with real smoke and Vape smoke for 1 hour. After drawing blood vapacige smoant, they found that the serum nicotine levels of the two groups were similar.

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