IJOY Vape Captain Mercury Pod Coil Shogun tank review

I have a combo IJOY Captain pod the purposes of this review. To log on to the price of $ 16.99 and can be found here: 25 mm IJOY Combo Reconstruction RDA Dripping Atomizer – $ 26.99


critical behavior is fun, you can spend much time in it, but as long as they still have fun and help others who are very valuable. I liked the product recommendation, but sometimes a product that can test your patience ……… Enter Combo IJOY RDA is obtained.




25 mm diameter

Ultem 810 Drip Tip

Without saw two platform positions

Guaranteed Double O-ring

24K gold-plated bridge

under the control of the air flow

Gold plating 510 Log

wall depth juice


What is in the box?


Ultem RDA course get good advice falls

(2) additional springs (required)

(3) O-ring replacement

(2) cotton strips

(2) fused Claptons

compression tool for viewing


First impression


Never try to get into each tank system that uses only writing compression by springs, so we thought it would be interesting.


At first glance, I like the platform and how the palm of the air flow in addition to an upward angle to direct the air flow upward toward the coil.


The top cover is also in the dome that helps with taste, nice touch.


Equipped with tools to compress the two together more easily, a good idea.


1mm 510 hybrid sound so sure it wants to see from the point of view of safety.


I could go without a large graph in the IJOY Diamond tank

, but is subjective, not just my preference. I really liked the final 810 drops Ultem, fair size and easy to use.


Build and performance


If the coil is included always start with them first, giving all the test kit before moving to the coil of my choice.


IJOY Mercury Vape Pod condensates looked decent, probably around 26g 32g dual core with the outside, I guess. They do not do what your made of coil material, and hope they will do more Mfg. Kanthal Nichrome or a mixture of the two would be a safe bet.


Installation is fairly easy, I installed the first reel where I want to cut the extra head, the second coil and the same cut lead is removed. If you try to install the lead after cutting two coils difficult or impossible.


As for writing is valid, is not very good at the top but eventually if I could make my buns updated to burn and dry and remove access points. My first thought, however, what is really not easy as simply using screws unless you are someone who does not have any tools.


Evil and ready to go, I started using the juice I lava flow in each tank first, I was very aware of this juice, and when the tank gets good sense of the flow. From the beginning iJoy Combo RDA is not good enough from the point of view of taste. No disturbance of the reservoir because the airflow is a bit limited, but the flavor was good, not the best I’ve had, but certainly could not live in peace with the sense I get.


After going through some re axes and try other flavors’m sure this is a good taste of the GDR ……. then it’s time to try another building …… ughhh.


After leaving the construction of my parents they saw the writing has a certain game, about 4 to 5 days, I thought maybe it was like that already. I will use my quad core Claptons fused preferred here, but preliminary evidence suggests it may be too wide, with two coils in three fused rings Clapton instead.


I have a problem without coil, but trying to solve this coil is a nightmare, moved or simply slipped out of positions easily. I am determined ……. however, he decided to fold the ends to function as a hook to hold the coils in place can work.


I have to finish the hook to shorten the photos above, proved to be too much of a pain to get 4 leads outside to the inside addict would be better. Finally, they settle and find a man who was not pleasant.


I would say a little taste, but the development is the memory, using the same coil in my Goon produce better results and faster to build. The Original Goon is 3 to 4 times the price of iJoy Combo RDA, but then nothing.


Try one more time to build, but the springs have been taken at this point, replace with parts. Parties took the game so my next build is good, but after taking their reels play ….. bummer.




the good taste

Also in juice

Complete with strips of the Coil IJOY Jupiter

and the cotton can be used right out of the box

510 hybrid insurance (and no, I do not mean that the Prius)

Reasonable rewarded

lid inner upper dome

direct air flow upward bevel




Springs loses its strength

double-wide facility built can be difficult or impossible

moving coil trying to line up, move one hand and the other hand moves sometimes

Pretty big flashy graphics, this is subjective, but do not do for me




I would say you would iJoy Combo much RDA if single screw used to properly secure the roll. I see that this is not necessarily done by Vaper like me, however, it seems to be for beginners. For beginners who do not want to spend much money to see if they like the RDA that $ 16.99 is a good price. You can also find it easier to build with compression writing at first, I could see that being the case when I started.


Although I am not a fan of writing and screwless I would not recommend to VAPER RDA sophisticated I can see the appeal someone began. Combo iJoy good taste RDA, I had no complaints, but the longevity of use is a problem with the way the springs lose occasionally.


Thank you for sending IJOY Shogun jr, can learn from the experience and I’m happy to try. They also have a very good price, $ 16.99 for each exam (you must log into your account to see the discounted price) IJOY 25mm Combo Reconstruction RDA Dripping Atomizer – $ 26.99


Here are some pictures of iJoy Combo RDA on various mods:


It is very easy to use this mod, this mod is very simple. To activate the mod must click 5 times on the fire button to turn off the Ministry of Defense must click five times on the shutter button. At the click 5 times to activate it, you will see on the screen “Saber” and the version of the firmware. At the turn the model on the screen you can see:


– Power

– The battery indicator

– against blow

– coil resistance




This model can only work in fashion VW and for someone who would be a scam, but for someone who would be a professional is great because sable IJOY has features that can interfere with a person or complicated someone basically how it all very easy and simple.

In this mod you can reset the counter and breathing do so, you must click 3 times on the shutter button and you will be asked to reset the counter breathing.

You may adjust the power of 5W – 100W and when pressed more 0.1W power button gradual adjustment, but if held down the button will amount to 1 mg and gradually grow faster.


Some of protection:

– Short-circuit protection

– Low Power Protection

– Anti-return battery




So iJoy saber is in my opinion a very beautiful model of the tube, which is very subjective, but I like the way it looks and the size of it, because this mod is not much that so it is very comfortable to use. Recently, we can see a lot of tubes mods and I really like, because it can be very useful mods tubes.

This button works very solid, sensitive and rapid fire, I used to use it 50watts. It’s great that the package is a 20700 battery so if you do not have a 20700 battery, which can be used. IJOY about 20700 batteries, which have several of these batteries, 21,700 and 20,700 IJOY I, some batteries, which must be longer and the battery still works well. It is encouraging that in the package there is also an adapter for the 18650 and if you wish, you can use the battery 18650 Personally, I like that also can be used by 21,700, but no matter because you can always use the battery 20700. We designed a bit here in my opinion and hope IJOY right with the next update, I think when the battery indicator two bars whenever the screen is off and vaporizer want while pressing the shutter button on will display “Saber” and version firmware, and after a second, you can vape, but believe it will be fixed with an update.

Build quiality as I said, very good, once again I have to mention the great benefits of the battery pack, this mod is also very convenient to use and if you like configuration mods tube play as well.



You can buy it here: IJOY vape

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