IJOY Captain Mercury Pod System Shogun Diamond review

A big thanks to Lilia @Sourcemore to provide IJOY Captain Tank for review. These are my thoughts and opinions and I have no affiliation or Sourcemore POTV.


IJOY existed for several years and has been at the forefront of innovation. Captain ranges begin again in 2017 with the release of PD270, followed immediately by the master 18650 also added in the master system pod 1500 and master mod 2. The master 2 is described as a mode for military grade is a worthy rival Aegis Legend Max.


In the frame


This IJOY Mercury Kit comes with a pit filled with colored mod illustrated by images on the arm. Remove the sleeve and tanks Master Master V mod and is securely trays high density foam, below which is a box containing a micro cable B USB, X3-C1 bag spool O-ring card manual replacement and warranty.





Size: 136.8 * 52.2 * 33mm

Battery: 18650 dual

Output Power: 5-180W

Resistance range: 0.05-3.0Ω

Screen Size: 0.96 inches

Material: aluminum alloy and silicon

E-juice capacity: 5 ml / 2 ml

Firmware update


Package includes:


USB Cable

main tank V (X3-thread helical preinstalled 0.15ohm)

X3-C1 (0.4ohm) coil


Warranty card


mod Captain 2


PD270 admit that I am happy to compare the two mods. wise dimension, which are virtually identical, although teachers 2 uses only 18,650 cells compared to 20,700 in the PD270. The two side-firing large buttons, screen 0.96 “up / down buttons below the screen and a USB port below.


Soon the difference is rubber frame up and down, round and large buttons for navigation hides the USB port. Handles add flexibility to the feeling of resistance. The battery cover feels more secure with a button hook and a good seal, perhaps toughening “military grade”. Although it has no battery IP protection without ventilation holes indicated at least a portion of the water / dustproof and continue button. Positive change focuses 510 from an aesthetic point of view. Operation 5 clicks on / off 3 clicks to display the menu and use the up / down arrows to navigate. From the menu, you have the power (P), where you have & user Normal, Hard, Soft option to set the power curve. power range is 5-180w. T provides temperature control options SS, Ti, Ni, M1 and M2. M1 and 2 allows you to create a profile with power and temperature values. TCR TCR Allows you to enter custom settings for the TC wire as NiFe30. Allows you to set in September 10’s screen time, 30 and 60. The last option is the re breath. All selections are made with the shutter button.


Captain tank V Subohm


the master tank V receives various types of coils X3, is the bottom of the upper air flow and filling. The air flow is through two holes Cyclops with AF control ring which enables various controls. airstream is not very strong, but not whistle when nearly closed. The filling is done by opening the top cover to reveal two ports good filler size. 2 ml capacity with therapeutic ml glass or 5 with a vessel including bubble. X3-mesh coil vaped within the nominal range with a point sweet to me around 75W. I made a final effort of 90 W and too hot for me, but for longevity continued WICKING about 70-75w seemed right. X3-coil C1, again, provides good tasty vape.



study he concluded


I liked the use of tanks and IJOY Pod System Kit This is a solid model, I personally prefer a range Aegis for ease of use and the buttons on the side of the great fire. Very comfortable in the hand and has a decent battery life. To sufficiently fast edge load, but as always, recommend an external load more security card. The menu is simple and easy to navigate. From outside to prepare the fire took a little over a second and a fire button fast response and solid. There are no buttons or vibrate with the mischievous battery.


The only real drawback is the small screen and an aging user interface. Nothing seems different from the PD270, damage due to the age of 3 years. Tweak looks behind the scenes. Dear IJOY does not promote IP protection grade because it will get more sales, but use, I’d say no, but if an IP protection independently verified can not be used.


As I really do PD270 side comparisons using another tank subohm, similar but uses battery resistance and found Captain 2 20700 over the life of the battery it is not so far from what I thought.



For most Vapers, Vape can use the box for a full day still means filling every night, or by dragging the charger during the day and hunt socket. And when the revolution of the device e-cig reaches full speed, faster charging and longer battery 20700 will be important. Let’s see.



Parameters and specifications


Maximum power: 324W


more compact platform three 20700


Great color OLED screen


Three Battery 20700 Platform


The battery life is fantastic with IJOY 20700 battery (9000 mAh)


18650 compatible


No tank 26mm diameter false



package containing


1 x 324W X3 Mod box (excluding batteries)


1 x USB cable


1 x Manual


1 x spare



IJOY Shogun Mod recently sold Ave40 and is in the slot at the top level of the new training captain with a battery of triple 20700 surprisingly large, which is much larger than the battery in the most check all price. The great captain PD270 for example, has only 20,700 dual batteries and battery, he said IJOY Diamond mini will allow up to three days of life on a single charge. That’s why the X3 could have much more to it than just regular captain products.


This model can only work in VW fashion and for This model can only work in fashion VW and for someone who would be a scam, but for someone who would be a professional is great because sable IJOY has features that can interfere with a person or complicated someone basically how it all very easy and simple.

In this mod you can reset the counter and breathing do so, you must click 3 times on the shutter button and you will be asked to reset the counter breathing.

You may adjust the power of 5W – 100W and when pressed more 0.1W power button gradual adjustment, but if held down the button will amount to 1 mg and gradually grow faster.


Some of protection:

– Short-circuit protection

– Low Power Protection

– Anti-return battery




So iJoy saber is in my opinion a very beautiful model of the tube, which is very subjective, but I like the way it looks and the size of it, because this mod is not much that so it is very comfortable to use. Recently, we can see a lot of tubes mods and I really like, because it can be very useful mods tubes.

This button works very solid, sensitive and rapid fire, I used to use it 50watts. It’s great that the package is a 20700 battery so if you do not have a 20700 battery, which can be used. IJOY about 20700 batteries, which have several of these batteries, 21,700 and 20,700 IJOY I, some batteries, which must be longer and the battery still works well. It is encouraging that in the package there is also an adapter for the 18650 and if you wish, you can use the battery 18650 Personally, I like that also can be used by 21,700, but no matter because you can always use the battery 20700. We designed a bit here in my opinion and hope IJOY right with the next update, I think when the battery indicator two bars whenever the screen is off and vaporizer want while pressing the shutter button on will display “Saber” and version firmware, and after a second, you can vape, but believe it will be fixed with an update.

Build quiality as I said, very good, once again I have to mention the great benefits of the battery pack, this mod is also very convenient to use and if you like configuration mods tube play as well.



You can buy it here: IJOY

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