How to further enjoy the taste of vape?

Electronic cigarettes (VAPE) can enjoy the steam of the seasoning liquid. Many of you who are used to it may wonder how to taste this taste more deliciously. Therefore, in this article, we will introduce in detail how to enjoy electronic cigarettes (VAPE) in more depth.

Basic knowledge of enjoying the taste of electronic cigarettes (VAPE)

When asked “How to use electronic cigarettes (VAPE) to enjoy the taste?”, you may think of choosing a good-tasting liquid or mixing liquids to produce your own flavor. Of course, in order to enjoy the taste of electronic cigarettes (VAPE), it is also important to choose your favorite liquid and flavor. But choosing a “model” that is easy to taste is equally important. For example, electronic cigarettes (VAPE) can be divided into three types: PEN type, BOX type and POD type. Among them, the BOX type is the most customizable, so you can adjust the power to change the amount of steam, that is, the intensity of the taste. If you feel the taste is light, you can adjust the voltage yourself to change it to a rich taste, so it can be said that the BOX model is an easy-to-tasting model. In addition, since the PEN and POD types are steadily developing, many models that are more compact but easier to taste than before are now on sale. By the way, like any model, if the inhalation speed is too fast, the taste will not be very good. If you inhale slowly and deeply, it is easier to get the taste. Even one way of using it will greatly change the taste, so let’s try various things.

Enjoy various flavors of electronic cigarettes! It can be used correctly in work and entertainment

One of the ways to taste electronic cigarettes (VAPE) is to change the liquid and enjoy various flavors. It is also recommended to use different liquids according to TPO.

5 kinds of electronic cigarette (VAPE) liquid
Electronic cigarette (VAPE) liquids are divided into “fruit-based”, “sweet-based”, “menthol-based”, “beverage-based” and “tobacco-based”. Among them, the fruit-based liquid that women prefer is so rich that you will feel like you are drinking juice, especially those that taste good. The freshness of the fruit is suitable to restore your mood. Candy-based liquids taste the same as fruits. I think this is also very popular among women, but in fact it is also very popular among men. When you are a little hungry, it is recommended to consume vanilla and chocolate as a liquid mixture or snack. Peppermint, menthol, vanilla and other mint-based liquids can bring a refreshing feeling. Even if you mix it with a fruit-based liquid, you can enjoy it. Beverage liquids mimic the taste of famous beverages such as cola and energy drinks. Some of them imitate ordinary drinks, such as coffee and cafe ole, so it might be a good idea to try it as a variant. In addition, for those who miss the taste of tobacco, never smoke, and want to taste the taste, we recommend the tobacco-based liquid in every paper cigarette actually sold.

Use liquid appropriately according to time and place

As mentioned above, electronic cigarettes (VAPE) are roughly divided into five types of liquids. By using these liquids correctly according to the TPO, you will be able to further enjoy the taste of the liquid. For example, you can change your mind by using menthol-based liquids for work refreshing and candies and fruit-based liquids for dates. If you smoke at work, tobacco-based liquids will help you focus on work. In this way, how to change the taste by turning it on and off? By the way, if you want to use multiple liquids a day, we recommend that you use a boxed electronic cigarette (VAPE), such as my blu TM. Since you only need to replace the ink cartridge, you can replace the liquid at any time without getting your hands dirty.

If suddenly the smell of vape disappears

Some of you may worry that your favorite liquid has been set and you are smoking an electronic cigarette (VAPE) deliciously, but you have not tasted it recently. If the electronic cigarette (VAPE) itself is normal, it may be “Vaper’s tongue”. The vapour tongue is a symptom, it is difficult to understand the taste of electronic cigarettes (VAPE). This phenomenon is more likely to occur in people who use electronic cigarettes (VAPE) for a long time, especially those who like to use the same liquid.

Why does Vaper’s tongue appear?

The vapour tongue is caused by the sluggishness (habituation) caused by the adaptation to the smell. For example, did you know that people who wear the same perfume every day will gradually increase the amount of perfume? When you get used to it, your sense of smell will become dull and difficult to recognize unless it smells bad. When the situation gets worse, the smell eventually disappears. Symptoms like Vaper’s tongue are not uncommon for people who are proficient in smell (for example, incense machine). You can easily improve your symptoms without going to the hospital.

Measures to easily treat Vaper’s tongue

The vapour tongue is caused by getting used to this smell. The easiest way to solve this problem is to set aside a period of time not to use electronic cigarettes (VAPE). After a few days, you will be able to enjoy the liquid. For Vapor’s Tan, it is also effective to choose a liquid with a different flavor than usual. Let’s try a taste that is significantly different from the liquids you have used so far, such as changing from a tobacco-based liquid to a fruit-based liquid. Especially the aroma of coffee is very suitable for resetting the taste. In fact, the perfume shop puts coffee beans in the shop and uses them to reset the aroma. If you no longer feel the taste of electronic cigarettes (VAPE), it is best to reset the aroma by drinking coffee. Electronic cigarette (VAPE) liquid can retain its taste for about 3 to 6 months after opening, so it is recommended to use several at the same time.

Electronic cigarettes (VAPE) may vary from device to device. In order to further enjoy the taste, please pay attention to the liquid, model and usage. Even if the same liquid is used, the taste will change significantly. However, if you use one liquid frequently, you may fall into the tongue of the vapor, so it is recommended that you use several liquids correctly to avoid unsuitable taste.

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