How long is the battery life of VAPE?

VAPE batteries have a limited lifespan. Therefore, it is necessary to buy a new one when it needs to be replaced, but the service life can be extended by designing the use method. Here, we will introduce how to extend the life of VAPE batteries and what to do when they reach the end of their life.

Electronic cigarette (VAPE) batteries are consumables

It is easy to forget, because many parts such as coils and liquids will wear out in a short period of time, but buying the battery that comes with VAPE is also a consumable item. It depends on how you use it, so you can’t tell how many new batteries you should buy, but if you use the same battery for a long time, you will eventually exhaust its life, so you need to buy a new battery at the right time.

How long is the battery life of an electronic cigarette (VAPE)?

The replacement time depends on the consumption of the battery, but it can generally be said that the battery life can be reached if the charging is repeated 300 to 500 times. For users who charge once every 1-2 days, it takes about 2 years. If you use a lot of batteries every day and charge them twice a day, you may need to replace the batteries in a short period of time (for example, half a year or a year). If overcharged, modified or exposed to high temperatures, it will also shorten its life.

How to extend the battery life of electronic cigarettes (VAPE)?

The life of the battery decreases as the frequency of charging increases, so you can extend the life of the battery by designing the usage and charging method. For example, just reducing the number of times you use electronic cigarettes (VAPE) will slow down the charging speed, thereby reducing the number of charging times and extending battery life. In particular, if you stop using electronic cigarettes (VAPE) for chain smoking, not only the battery replacement, but also the replacement frequency of consumables will be reduced, which will reduce various costs.

You can also design a charging method. If the battery is fully charged but continues to charge, the battery will be overloaded and its life will be shortened. Therefore, please be careful, for example, disconnect the cable immediately after charging.

On the other hand, people who use the mobile battery of a smartphone while charging should be careful. Even if your mobile battery supports 2A fast charging, it cannot be used for 5V 1A electronic cigarette (VAPE) batteries. Using a charger that supports fast charging may cause damage or accidents, so please make sure it meets the electronic cigarette (VAPE) battery standard before using it.

In addition, if it is fully charged every time you use it, it will drain the battery more quickly. If you recharge after the remaining power is low to a certain level, instead of frequently charging, the battery will last longer. If you are worried about the remaining amount, this is a way to prepare a spare electronic cigarette (VAPE), so that ordinary users may run out of VAPE.

In addition, if the VAPE used can adjust the amount of water vapor, the service life of the battery can be extended by reducing the amount. The more smoke you produce, the more electricity you use. By reducing the amount of smoke, you can reduce the number of recharges, thereby extending the life of the battery.

What are the criteria for determining whether the battery life of an electronic cigarette (VAPE) has expired?

The condition of the VAPE determines the battery life. First of all, if you feel abnormal when using VAPE, please suspect that the battery life is exhausted. For example, in this state, the smell is weak and the smell of smoke is difficult to emit, and the remaining power is immediately exhausted after charging the battery. However, since the deterioration of the coil also produces symptoms such as a light taste and difficulty in smoking, it may be difficult to make a judgment. Finally, judge based on the charging interval of daily use.

What should I do when the battery life of the electronic cigarette (VAPE) is reached?

Eventually, you will have to buy a new battery, but even if it runs out, the remaining cost will only quickly decrease, and if you allow it, you can continue to use it. However, if you continue to use the old battery, it may swell, explode or leak, so it is recommended to replace it as soon as the battery life expires.

First of all, it is not difficult to replace the battery. First, you need to buy a new MOD, which is a battery for electronic cigarettes (VAPE). When buying a new MOD, if you often use VAPE, please choose a type with a large charging capacity. It can be used a lot, so it is recommended because it can reduce charging times and reduce battery consumption. The standard for large-capacity batteries is 2000mAh or higher.

In addition, VAPE MOD has two types, built-in type and replaceable type. Both are lithium-ion batteries, but the replacement method varies by type. Before replacing the MOD, please check the type of VAPE battery.

If it is a replaceable product, just replace it with a new battery to complete the replacement. These types are characterized by high scalability, and although there are many types of MODs, battery knowledge is required for handling. Since the battery to be replaced is a dedicated battery, electronic cigarettes (VAPE) cannot be used with ordinary batteries (such as those found in a large number of consumer electronics retailers). On the other hand, to replace the built-in battery, just replace the MOD as it is. Compared with the replaceable type, there are fewer options, but it is easy to replace and easy to handle.

After replacing the MOD, finally take the old battery to a consumer electronics retail store or an electronic cigarette (VAPE) specialty store for disposal. If there is no store nearby, please dispose of it in accordance with the agreement of the local government. If there is an impact on the battery, it may catch fire or explode, so be careful not to put it in burning dust.

For anyone using VAPE, battery life is an inevitable issue. Due to the limited battery life, the battery needs to be replaced when the time is up, but the battery life can be extended according to the way of using electronic cigarettes (VAPE). If you are worried about cost, design a way to charge and use the battery.

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