Is Vape harmless?

This is just a self-deceiving statement. Strictly speaking, Vape only reduces certain harmful ingredients in real smoke, not completely harmless.

From the comparison chart, there are indeed fewer harmful substances in Vape, but nicotine still exists (nonsense, if not, who would smoke it?). Although there are nicotine-free e-liquids, they are obviously not very popular.

The discussion about nicotine has been around for many years, and it is the chief culprit of “cigarette addiction.” At the same time, there is evidence that it is related to the occurrence of diabetes, obesity, cardiovascular disease, respiratory system disease, digestive system disease, neurological disease, and even to the occurrence and development of cancer.

From this point of view alone kangboro, those manufacturers who advertise “harmless” should be fined because this is false publicity.

Let’s talk about it again in this unregulated market, mixed with dragons is the norm. The price of Vape sold on the market ranges from 50 yuan to 1500 yuan. Think about it, this is not a steam crave high-level technology. Isn’t the price gap the reason for the unevenness?

The fact is indeed the case. The nicotine content in those e-liquids or cartridges fluctuates greatly, and many of the products have higher nicotine content than real smoke.

You should know that the nicotine content of a real cigarette (about 1mg) can poison a mouse. For a child of 30kg, 24mg of nicotine has a fatal risk of poisoning.

Although we all know that cigarettes are smoked one bite at a time, continuous smoking is still harmful. Moreover, for the old smokers, if they smoke Vape that exceeds the standard, let alone reduce their dependence on nicotine, they may increase their dependence…

Speaking of this, we have to talk about other ingredients. In fact, those ingredients are not bad in nature. For example, propylene glycol is a food additive approved by the FDA Dreamer mod, but there are not many studies on whether these ingredients are equally safe when inhaled into the lungs, so it is not too early to draw conclusions.

For the same reason, the e-liquids with various fragrances introduced by manufacturers also have this problem. The additives and fragrances in them may have health risks, and some even found harmful gases such as formaldehyde and acrolein.

Of course, these are all harmful to the person who smokes Adv Vape, and we have to look at “second-hand smoke.”

With your toes, you can know that whether you smoke real cigarettes or Vape, the exhaled air will contain nicotine. Although studies have shown that the content of nicotine in Vape is lower than real vivismoke, as long as there is nicotine in it, you should not smoke it in public. , Especially when there are children or pregnant women around.

Previously, a researcher did a controlled experiment in which volunteers who did not smoke stayed in a room with real smoke and Vape smoke for 1 hour. After drawing blood vapacige smoant, they found that the serum nicotine levels of the two groups were similar.

vaporesso vapes gen swag mod pm80 gtx zero pod luxe kit review

vaporesso gen kit adjusted and GTX GTX 80W mod tank 22 for all ranges of coils. Delve But let us review GEN NANO for more.


This product has been delivered to Vapresso kind of generosity in order to stand the test side. Other thoughts you will find below are mine and are not affected by the fact that this talent.


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While Vaporesso GTX A mainly for MTL vaping kit GEN NANO open more. In addition, the internal battery and tank mod GTX 80W 22mm, users now have access to higher ohm coils. As tasty 0.2Ω coil GTX. But if the tank is only VAPING DTL 22mm? What kit do? And find out more in this review of Vaporesso nano gene.


The contents of the box

Here’s a quick breakdown of what you can expect to see included in the kit Vaporesso gen nano.


Vaporesso fill GEN NANO

1x nano Vaporesso gene Mod

1x Vaporesso NANO GEN 22 Bubble Tanks 3.5 ml (TPD 2 ml)

1x GTX mesh coil 0.2Ω

1x GTX mesh coil 0.6Ω

Straight glass tubes 1x

1x Bag parts O-rings

1x Micro USB Type B

1x user manual



Vaporesso typical packaging style, the color of the packaging and image reflects the color options selected for vaporesso swag mod. Although the test sample packing color 22mm tank does not correspond to the color selection is closed. But in the final version will match the color. However the image before rolling kit NANO GEN occupies most of the space. While the side showing the main elements of Vaporesso GEN NANO as icons. Also on the back are the specifications, content, logos compliance warnings from the government and authenticity checker.


Removing the cover reveals that Vaporesso GEN NANO mesh coil 0.2Ω tank and pre-installed, seated on a plastic inlay. Although not included in the sample examination, glass replacement and replacement O-ring is seated next to mod and reservoirs. Also under the inlay it is a USB type B GTX Micro Mesh coil 0.6Ω and manual.


manufacturing quality


Undoubtedly Vaporesso search GEN NANO smart and light kit. More dimpled gripping side panel coated with rubber is excellent, while the color gradient in accordance with the rest of the plastic mod.


While Vaporesso GEN NANO with e-liquid weighs 140.6g full tank, mod remain firmly in hand. But while I’m on the set withstand daily use. But because of the nature of the plastic, special care should be taken not to drop the nano gene.


The important thing is the side mounted Micro USB Type B port located on the side of making the load and control the easy level.



Naturally, as a model that is formed from a larger part of the dashboard it is nice and clean. Although the use of three buttons to operate the menu, in my opinion is not necessary and does not promote the end user experience. However, all that sensitive keys and sound.



In addition, easy to read LCD screen with clear display. However, the design of the screen is slightly narrower and smaller readings can be difficult for people with vision problems eye.


510 connector


While holding tank happy vaporesso pm80 22 mm, 510 plates are not perfectly center. Therefore, more than 23 mm overlap on one side. The important thing is a good cut of the thread and smooth, with a core pin 510 provides a good level of rigidity. This gives some confidence in the long-term use. In addition, the center pin appeared to throw around 2-3 mm, which is good to see.


GTX 22 Tank


Visual Vaporesso GTX 22 Finished containers with a similar tone red mod. This is important because it is an example of a test, the towers of white gold logo Vaporesso cream to match the mark in the Ministry of Defense. Although it was clean-cut features many knurled adjustment assistance and withdrawal.


The important thing is threading cut on the top cover and base wire without problems. While the ring control air flow with a clean cut that the air inflow slips, but remains firm in its position.



NANO GEN Vaporesso dimensions with a tank equipped with 115mm above carriers from the base to the upper end of the mod dropwise. On the other hand, mod GEN NANO is 24.2mm 40.3mm wide and deep from front to back.



Nano Gen Vaporesso is illuminated for five, click the button indigenous fire. In addition to pressing the shutter button quickly three times to nano block gene. Prevent accidental changing of settings. To unlock repeat the process.


Of course, hold the button to open the additional menu settings menu. This allows the user to change the mode NANO GEN vaporizer. But to go and save the changes to the menu button is used instead of the shutter button.




As we have faster access to the different modes it is now the menu. Once in the setup menu, you have access to a variety of modes available in vaporizer Vaporesso nano gene. In addition, no restrictions on output power mode as watts.


Pulse mode – Default

Although it has been designed to optimize the experience of Vape for power pulse output. Therefore, in theory, maintain the temperature for a perfect experience vaporizer. But the effect on vaporizer is barely noticeable.


Eco energy

It designed to shoot automatically when the battery drops below 40%, and can withstand the current power. Although this does not increase the battery life slightly, depending on the coil at a cost to taste.


intelligent TC

Without a way to control the temperature probably as vaping World Marmite, you like it or not. However, when the coil of stainless steel, titanium or nickel is detected. The gtx mods can be configured to automatically switch to the temperature control mode.


DIY fashion

DIY way Vaporesso NANO GEN vaporizer is the most common way.


VW – Variable Watt soft, normal, high

VW so the initial force is adjustable. For example, if you want vaporizer to produce faster and hotter start and again in the power play by default, the H Sea which is chosen mode is selected, the mode set remains watts 0.5 watts increments.


VV – variable voltage

As a methodology similar VW, while watts are used to control the output. Instead voltage it is used as an output of the power control method and not soft, normal or elevated option.


CCW – Custom Power Curve

At the same as in that mode selection of sweet high power, normal or. However, with the use of time, the adjustment can be made adjustable watt. In addition, each rod curve watts and 0.5 watts s hard for each specified user. Allowing a more personalized experience. For example, if you wish, you can have nano Vaporesso gene on and off both really anymore. Furthermore, it can produce finer mod linear curve fits perfectly coil and flavor profile E-liquid.



One way to protected mode mech mod. In addition, the coil receives the electrical output of the battery voltage.


Super player mode

Not to Vaper experienced. Furthermore, the Super player mode opens allowable range of the resistance coil. Besides 5Ω 0.15Ω resistance range it should be used by the CRT, or RDA tank mounted zero vape pod.


entire system

Throughout the nano gen system Vaporesso various menu options to provide such as screen brightness, the screen orientation and more. In addition, the choice of the system is smart mode setting variable Watt strange place.


Smart VW – Intelligent Variable watt

Undoubtedly VW intelligent fashion seems to produce slightly warmer vaporizer, regardless of the setting.


Battery use


While Vaporesso GEN nano features 2000 mAh internal battery, battery economy is good and as expected with the indoor coil. Of course, the battery life is shorter when a coil is used 0.2Ω GTX around 50W. However, with 0.2Ω coil, one can expect about 160-180 puffs between charges.


2A 5V determined load through a USB cable connector type B Micro. But I get Vaporesso GEN NANO for a fee to 5.12V 1.33A, which was disappointing.


However Vaporesso GEN NANO good feature is the approximate charging time. Below animated icons and current battery level. On the other hand, if any stop charging GEN NANO one quick spray if needed. Then he continues to fill again after the shutter button is released.




Although the method of removing the filler cap on top and the whole deposit super easy in vaporesso luxe kit. However, it can be messy and would like to see either the rear or bayonet style by pressing the top cover. Especially in times of unscrewing the cap, the reservoir can start unscrewing. Therefore, the tank must be tightened as mod. This can cause the tank to be securely screwed to the device, and it is difficult to remove. However the advantages of removing the top cover is that each size of e-liquid bottle can be used.




While designing Vaporesso GTX tank airflow 22 is more suitable for DTL vaping. Even if the air flow can be closed to provide a much harder drainage, ideal for a variety of coil MTL. Apart from moving the position of the smooth air flow control ring, the remains of a smooth vape without turbulence.

Although the use of more traditional storage tank GTX Vaporesso 22 remains as easy to change as a sheath coil system Vaporesso. In addition to changing the coil remains the method of “Plug N Play” to enter. However, still can not change the coil with a large number of e-liquid is left. However, with the old reel, the new first coil put some e-liquid in the coil, and a lock lowering each hole is removed. Now the new coil will appear to the basket and fill if necessary. In addition to leaving the reel stand for a while to ensure that suitable saturated. In general, I prefer to leave 10-15 minutes, then the vaporizer.



You can buy here: vaporesso vapes


A review of various models of VOOPOO

First on the carton packaging usuall come in a sturdy plastic case with Voopoo Drag Mini logo on top and covered with a removable foam padding useful if you want to use for other things. VOOPOO PnP-VM1 Replacement

The case is wrapped in a cardboard box with a picture and the name of the kit in the front, while the back is a list of usuall content, mod colors, original code security, etc.
In this case, there is a change, tank, two coils, user manual, and a USB cable.

The first thing I noticed when this case is taken mod is how it is light. (It Internet 140 grams)
and the battery cover in any hinged safety, with + – of the battery in the direction of the contact.
Skin? Wieght finish combined with a light make you feel comfortable in your hand. comfort alloy metal parts are matte black with black paint splatter effect which resembles a shiny droplets smooth surface when a light fixture, and therefore tried to clean. On the side mod hidden under the rubber plug (to maintain the pockets of fiber in your pocket and your mod) Type-C port to update the firmware, although the manual says that you can use to charge with the included USB cable II always recommend charging the correct use of external battery charge.
mod interior screen reminds me of a sports car, the pilots thought the child the unifying brand name “ARGUS”.
When the mod first Involved in fashion and customize smart power as a PNP Wich coil you use and watts maximum recommended limits for coils 3 clicks strokes of movement for the RBA in which you can adjust the power of full 160W, three clicks mode temperature control wich nickel roller support, titanium and stainless steel. + firefighters and lock all buttons including the shutter button, and firefighters and – button will clear the table and panting. Press three buttons simultaneously will show the ID chip and the level of code?

VOOPOO NAVI is in two parts.

The upper part is made of PCTG is the same module that uses Drag s / x and in accordance with the PNP Voopoo coils are available in different strengths. fill quickly and easily by lifting the rubber plug at the bottom of the car and remained at the bottom with three powerful magnets. the bottom is made of stainless steel, 24 mm diameter at the base and has two slots knurling airflow adjustably control obedient to the control ring Airlow and the spindle 510 so that it can be used in containers or drag mod s / X.
I use a 45W 0.2ohm coil is supplied with open Airlow completely and get a good taste and production clouds. Knowing about coil PNP to encourage Sall and have a little advantage when used, after standing for about 12 hours ago benefit more if it was a very hot day (30 c) and I water the heat eLiquid Wich can be an unfortunate advantage.

Argus GT Mod:
Dimensions: 132 mm x 51 mm x 26 mm (Mod is only 86 mm x 51 mm x 26 mm)
Material: Leather + zinc alloy
Output Power: 5-160W
the output voltage: 6.4-8.4V
Resistance Range: 0.1-3.0Ω
18650 requires dual (not included)
Tank VooPoo PnP:
E-liquid capacity of 4.5 ml (2 ml Version TPD)
Material: Stainless Steel + PCTG
Resistance: 0.2 Ohm (PnP-VM5) 0.15 Ohm (PnP-VM6)

1 x VooPoo Argus GT Devices
1 x VooPoo PnP Tank – 4.5 ml (2 ml Version TPD)
1 x PnP-VM5 – 0.2 Ohm (40-60W)
1 x PnP-VM6 – 0.15 Ohm (60-80w)
Cable Type 1 x C
1 x carrying case
User Manual 1 x Warranty and

This is the first time I write a review seading and thank you gift for the celebration of the competition and send VOOPOO PnP 20 / 22.



Well, this is my last exam powerful and some animals VooPoo.

Thank you very much to the people of @VOOPOO to let me try a big team in recent years.

Here VOOPOO Drag 2 Platinum.

You obtain.
Do it in a plastic box in the Mini was a good idea.
By getting your

Double cell Argus (18650 not included) mod 160W.
Barriers x sheath.
Barriers x 510 converter reservoir housing.
PNP PNP 0.15ohm 0.2ohm coil and the coil.
Cost USB Type C / lead firmware.
information manually wound instructions, gene chip card and security.
The first is compact enough to double the mod 18650. Many sets 26mms and 51 mm x 132 mm (including the adapter box). Very light too.

finished in the same vein as the recent x excellent tensile strength, remember to do things the old habits have lost vape with a mixture of alloys, leather (ish) and carbon.
Not bad for everyone and is certainly a step in the right direction.

The front panel is a relatively simple way. beautiful color screen, large fire button at the top that vibrate and stocky standards and button lowing screen.
USB connected and the surprising side has a chewing gum coverage. Allows easy loading (if that is how they fill, tut tut … .. Lol) overprotection and edified TBH I think we have the 2Amp load for all devices based on the recent gene chip.

160W output I like it as it is realistic. They are not capable of writing pressure to 200W capacitor coupled to the side.The
Battery conveniently stored on the spring locking base lever.
The menu is very similar to a box base x Argus. Watt is automatically limited to the maximum security for the execution of the power coil that is an excellent point and I’m glad to see this trend continue.

New gene chip TT has all these features (see the review taking X for details), in addition to the full time tc (just do the plus and minus buttons to go to TC). RBA RDTA sheath or coil will be perfect for deposits tc action with a sheath or anything.
This has a standard connector cover 510 is a masterstroke.

You can use an adapter like pod tank or select the slide 510 x sheath included.

sheath is 4.5mls is 2 ml simple English. PNP coil is always very good for taste, but I had this problem before filtration of the insulation at the base. This has significantly increased recently 0.15coil and some monkeys have told me things are improving in others. 510 adapter really help here (again, he holds the pod through which a very strong magnet) because it does not allow the inclusion of mod juice so easy.

Other Voopo winners. If you love x reader (me), you’ll love to do the same thing forever.